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The return of the Waltham field and marine trench watch

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Waltham field marine

The world’s first waterproof watch that actually worked is back. This historically significant American watch has been re-issued with the backing of Watch Angels for the pleasure of the entire watch enthusiasts community. An important timepiece, dedicated to those who always wonder about the history of a watch and the impact it has had on the world.

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The game changer

It all started in World War I. Trench warfare was messy and hard. The trenches themselves would fill with mud and water from relentless shelling. And if mud and water didn’t destroy your watch chlorine & mustard gas would. There was a vital need for a waterproof watch and existing products just weren’t up to the task. This is when an American named Charles Depollier came in and changed the world of watchmaking forever by creating the first waterproof watch that actually worked, exclusively housing Waltham movements.

All waterproof watches and dive watches on the planet today can be traced back to the Waltham Field & Marine incorporating Depollier’s technology.

The Waltham Field & Marine
The crown system
As a homage to the original Depollier crown technology the 2021 Field & Marine features a similar, but perfected, crown locking system. The crown is locked against the case with the aid of a bayonet system, while a brass lever, interlocked with the crown system, show the status of the crown (locked-unlocked). This security systems prevents to involuntarily compromise the water-resistance.
Waltham Field & Marine Automatic WFM200.SSBLU
The water-resistance
The 2022 watch construction features a compressor style case-back and water resistance has been brought to 30ATM (300m-1000ft) giving the term « Marine » in « Field & Marine » a contemporary meaning by bringing it to a professional diving water-resistance specification.

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