Charles Zuber in brief

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This high-jewellery Geneva brand was registered on March 20, 2018 by the Limited Company Charles Zuber SA, which had been founded in Geneva in 2000 and was taken over in January 2018 by Mohamed Hilal (Hilal Group) from Dubai and the two Genevans Aram Garabetian and Vincent Perego. Charles Zuber brand has restored Geneva and its historic jewellery tradition at the heart of current events and on the world’s markets. During his lifetime, recognized by his peers, Charles Zuber managed to produce legendary jewellery watches for the most prestigious watch brands, the ultimate in high-jewellery timepieces. Swiss made, ethical in the careful choice and traceability of the materials used, precious and semi-precious gemstones, Charles Zuber has also a high-level watchmaking expertise, as demonstrated by his Perfos timepieces collection, which is powered by an in-house caliber.

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