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Pentagonal rupturist design, the new Tzoumy Geneva watches on Kickstarter

Nothing new under the sun in the watch design scene. Except for a particularly wearable pentagonal style created by the Geneva watchmaker Yvan Monnet. An affordable Swiss Made watch for wrists that resist mainstream conformity… By Joël A. Grandjean, editor in chief & publisher of Swiss-Watch-Passport.ch & JSH Magazine Insta SWP | Insta JSH® | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin There are still a couple of days to finalize the effective…

Pellaton-Favre, Albert – Histoire du tourbillon.

{Publié le 14 mars 2007} Albert Pellaton-Favre, père du célèbre James Pellaton, fut fabricant de tourbillons au Locle. Il construisit 82 chronomètres à tourbillon, tous munis d’un échappement à détente ressort. C’est l’un de ses modèles (retournés) qui figure (en position retournée) sur la série de timbres-poste à CHF 1.– , proposés dès le 6 septembre 2005 jusqu’à épuissement des stocks (www.poste.ch). Le géant jaune helvétique prendrait-il conscience de l’existence…

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EPHJ heralds the Swiss BtoB trade fairs season and contributes to the economic recovery

Register as a visitor at EPHJ, create your pass. From September 14 to 17, 2021 at Geneva-Palexpo, everything is being done to ensure that the exhibitors’ latest news will inspire their customers’ future news… by Albert J. de Buttes-LaCôte / TàG Press +41 News Agency Published in JSH Magazine edition #01 of 2021. Subscribe abo CHF 18.76/2 issues. Resilience and upturn… The word is everywhere. As the end of the tunnel…

Jura Made: the AstroLUNA turns to black aventurine

The sun has gone… Total eclipse. Secretly, Moon and Earth had a date. A deep night has fallen even in the subtle details of this watchmaking UFO on my wrist: my AstroLUNA Vicenterra turned to all-black, in a T2 black aventurine version. By Joël A. Grandjean / JSH® Magazine & Swiss Watch Passport Editor in Chief & Publisher Insta SWP | Insta JSH® | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin It…

World launch in Vuadens, the 191neo: performance has a future

What an ambitious challenge! Starrag presents a new machining center that matches the high standards of its brand: the evolution of the successful “191” model of the Bumotec family. February 14, 2022 press release, JHS Magazine selection – Subscribe Insta SWP | Insta JSH® | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin The new Starrag 191neo in the Bumotec series, which has been launched worldwide in early February 2022. In Vuadens, for…

Eric Coudray’s time sphere

A talented watch designer, Eric Coudray practises his art at Tec-Group in Vallorbe. He has named his triaxial tourbillon Spherillon in order to simply define its main technical specificity. Proven efficiency! By Vincent Daveau, watchmaker & journalist, historian To be read on the Swiss Watch Journal JSH® – June 2021 Issue Insta SWP | Insta JSH® | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin Complicated mechanism of the Spherillon invented by the Gaïa…

Showcase, emotion that bridges the gap

Appeared in the section ‘Echoes from the Factories’ in the JSH: Teleportation and holographic receptors, it’s for tomorrow! In meanwhile, boosted by the confinement torments, never presentation tool will have so shortened distances. By Joël A. Grandjean JSH® Magazine & Swiss Watch Passport Editor in Chief Insta SWP | Insta JSH® | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin Shortened distances between the touch point and the final customer, between colleagues all over…

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