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Pentagonal rupturist design, the new Tzoumy Geneva watches on Kickstarter

Nothing new under the sun in the watch design scene. Except for a particularly wearable pentagonal style created by the Geneva watchmaker Yvan Monnet. An affordable Swiss Made watch for wrists that resist mainstream conformity… By Joël A. Grandjean, editor in chief & publisher of Swiss-Watch-Passport.ch & JSH Magazine Insta SWP | Insta JSH® | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin There are still a couple of days to finalize the effective…

Gaïa 2021, the supreme honor of watchmaking

The winners are Carole Kasapi (Craftsmanship Creation), Eric Klein (Entrepreneurship) and Anthony Turner (History Research). Registration for the award ceremony is open, on Thursday, September 16 at 6:30 pm at the MIH, (la Chaux-de-Fonds). Congratulations to these new “nobelised” and to Nathanaëlle Delachaux who receives the Horizon Gaïa grant. By Joël A. Grandjean / JSH Magazine & Swiss Watch Passport’s Editor in Chief Member of the Gaïa Award Jury The…

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Milus nominated for GPHG: Archimédes Orange Coral, adopt a coral

“We corals are like your most beautiful memories: dangerously exposed to existential pollution, to the vicissitudes of life, we struggle to survive!” With an orange background, an historic Swiss watch brand is rescuing the corals. By Albert-J. de Buttes-LaCôte / TàG Press +41 (News Agency) Insta JSH® | Insta SWP | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin Will the most beautiful memories remain as orange as the most intense sunsets? Please…

Origyn, moving towards a universal standard: “As Shazam, but for watches”

Vincent Perriard is among those watchmaking CEOs who regularly hit the headlines. As a former radio entertainer, hence his storytelling talent, he’s becoming the prophet of an unfalsifiable watchmaking industry. By Albert J. de Buttes-LaCôte, TàG Press +41 (News Agency) Read this article on JSH Magazine (Since 1876) Technologic approach to track down counterfeiters? It’s obvious, it’ s happening. And what if this inexorable conquest of luxury and watchmaking could…

The Submarine 1917 on the wrist of the Black Star skippers!

Summer 2021, swiss sailing above water level: adrenaline and watchmaking. The Tavannes Watch Co. partnership with the 2020 European M32 sailing champions is boosting the first ever waterproof watch to follow in the tracks of man’s great achievements: waterproofing, wind control, the high-tech magic of ocean prowess… By @TRP, TheRightPlace Public Relation Cabinet     Summer 2021. This partnership is meaningful. From the watchmaking cradle of the Jura Arc, where…

From concept to production: AB, as in Aurélien Bouchet

ABConcept and ABProduct: nothing in the two company names hints at the vast space in which over 14 trades are carried on, the impressive fleet of machinery and the sudden appearance, on a detour during the visit, of the largest 3D printer on the market. An interview with Aurélien Bouchet while waiting to visit him at EPHJ 2021 in September.   Joël A. Grandjean / Editor-in-Chief of JSH® Magazine, for…

Watchmaking, a hybrid craft at Century

For more than half a century, it has been necessary to invent a profession for which there is no training elsewhere than within the Century Manufacture in Bienne. By Albert-J. de Buttes-LaCôte / TàG Press +41 news Agency Article appeared in the JSH Since 1876 Magazine – Subscribe for CHF 18.76 / 2 issues Is it a cutter or a polisher who, after many months of in-house training, will be…

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