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EPHJ, the first physical Watch Exhibition of 2021

Postponed! From September 14 to 17, 2021, the EPHJ exhibition will take place at Palexpo Geneva. More than 800 exhibitors are expecting nearly 20,000 visitors! Hope for the post COVID era is rising again in the most impacted ranks of the watchmaking industry and its terroirs.   By Joël A. Grandjean, JSH® Magazine & Swiss Watch Passport’s Editor in Chief   Founded by André Colard and Olivier Saenger, the EPHJ…

Rolex Awards, a series of records (2011)

{Published on July 15, 2011} In late 2012, the winners will be revealed at a special ceremony and on the Rolex Award website. Already, in September 2011, the members of the Jury will be revealed. Among them will be scientists, explorers and environmental specialists who will be called upon to decide on the most entries ever. “It is exciting to see so many people formulating projects to improve life on…

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Diane Kruger: “My relationship with Jaeger LeCoultre is organic”

(September 2012) Yes, the most famous stars are also sensitive targets for Swiss watch beauties. So history and products work for brands, much more than their marketing and PR departments. And if a name, before becoming a brand, is that of a family, a watchmaker, a region, celebrities’ relationships with watchmaking can easily drift from a simple flirt to an unconditional love, from a sporadic desire to accomodate to a…

Krayon Wood

In Neuchâtel, overlooking the lake and a large garden filled with almond trees, Rémi Maillat, the genius watchmaker who has been able to mathematically capture the passing time and who is delightfully carried away by the world’s sunrises and sunsets, is working at his workbench on one of those manual operations for which he has the secret. Polishing. And so that the polish is the most noble effect, it is…

Suppliers: five wrong “good reasons” not to register your trademark!

The talk starts with a thought related to an annual visit to EPHJ, in 2019. There I was surprised at the rarity of exhibitors who have trademarked their company name. By the way, is this really useful? Answers from the master.   By Joël A. Grandjean, editor in chief JSH® Magazine & Swiss Watch Passport   At a Watch Café in Geneva, I asked for help a professional IP lawyer, Marc-Christian Perronnet, a…

EPHJ News: Cadramont, bringing the dial into the third millennium

Moving from métiers d’art to micro-series of 250 units or more: that’s the vision of this fiercely independent dial manufacturer. It’s a place like no other, fired by a creativity containing just a touch of madness…   Joël A. Grandjean / Editor in chief JSH® Magazine pour EPHJ News Official EPHJ Website – German version   The adrenaline coursing through the company is precisely this whiff of madness floating around…

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