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Pilo & Co Genève, les armoiries du 10ème

[19 February 2011] A coat of arms to celebrate its first decade! Amarildo Pilo has celebrated the tenth anniversary of his brand Pilo & Co Geneva. A journey marked by 11 collections, including the latest Corleone, which stands out from the common watchmaking landscape by a sense of contemporary and seductive design as well as by a claimed accessibility. Its models range from CHF 200.00 to CHF 1,200.00, with the…

Thomas Loosli and Auguste Reymond

{First published February 18, 2017} Auguste Reymond: Thomas Loosli has taken over the company from his father, a private label specialist. The company has the internationally known brand ARSA (Auguste Reymond SA), specialized watches for blind people. His son decided to develop a second label, Auguste Reymond, and was quite successful at it. Very slow progress, but surely. Mechanical movements only. Communication through “musical” values such as jazz, regularly produces…

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Memphis Heritage, Tissot dabbles with the design codes of the Eighties

Who remembers the Memphis Group, a post-Bauhaus design movement founded in Milan in 1980 by the late designer Ettore Sottsass?   By Lee Warrien | JSH News Le Groupe Memphis, fondé par le designer rupturiste Ettore Sottsass a exposé dans plusieurs mégapoles. Ici à Bordeaux.   These code breakers, champions of laminated plastic and acid-pop colors, shades that snap and splash, brought into the world of furniture other materials rupturists:…

Patek Philippe, remnants of an electronic timelessness

On auction websites, Patek Philippe radio-controlled timekeeping units are still in circulation. They can also be found from time to time in watch factories. Joël A. Grandjean, JSH Magazine & Swiss-Watch-Passport.ch’ editor in chief Follow us on Linkedin – Facebook – Insta JSH – Insta SWP – Subscribe to JSH On my way to Fleurier, with the mission of discovering a secret factory in which the names of prestigious brands are…

Tec-Group, independence, Swiss Made and creative audacity

Eleven companies, certainly others in the future or in the process of being taken over, financial independence and that verticality which makes it possible to offer an industrial watchmaking journey, including the manufacture of machines, from the decorated manufactured component, through electroplating, to the assembly of the movement. By Joël A. Grandjean / JSH® Magazine & Swiss Watch Passport Publisher & Editor in Chief Insta SWP | Insta JSH® |…

Safes never die! Jean Ferner’s lair

There is magic in this improbable universe at Crêt du Locle inhabited by safes. Certainly the biggest collection of safes in Switzerland, and maybe even in the world? A nightmare place for burglars…. By Ollivier Broto / TàG Press +41 (News Agency) Read the article in JSH® Magazine, issue #01-2021. Subscribe This place is a nod to the history of La Chaux-de-Fonds, since around 1900, the upper town was the…

Tattoos and Swiss watchmaking: Luxury Watches for the „Weird Gentleman“

{Press Release, June 17, 2021} André Clémençon has launched a new Swiss watch brand onto the market with the intention of revolutionising the design of high-quality men’s watches and to attract a new target group: “The Weird Gentlemen”. The focus is on tattoo art. The design of the watches is strongly inspired by tattoos, and the designated customer group is distinguished by an affinity for the art work on their…

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