11-year-old Amandine: our columnist in the New York Times!

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This 11-year-old’s buzz, which is rooted in her passion for watchmaking, received a huge media boost with almost a full-page article in the New York Times. A pool of 10 million subscribers thus received on September 8, 2022, a fresh wave of watchmaking with disarming naturalness..

Joël A. Grandjean, JSH Magazine & Swiss-Watch-Passport.ch editor’s in chief & publisher
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While her newest interviewTékitoi” has just been posted on our Swiss Watch Passport, with her selfie with Bulgari Group CEO Jean-Christophe Babin as the main photo, Amandine keeps on making the buzz, feeding her Instagram account (watch_it_with_amandine). Indeed, times are changing to such an extent that the famous Philippe, a handsome man nicknamed PPDC, regularly gets invitations in his daughter’s name although his is a 20-year veteran of the sector! Sometimes he even has to “hustle” to fulfil his role as a chaperone.

From JSH to New York Times!

Don’t worry, faced with the phenomenon of a sudden, dazzling fame, caution remains de rigueur and the distance strictly maintained between the projected image and the lived situation. For Amandine remains a “normal” little girl who goes to school, applies herself, handles her smartphone with nimble skill, under the watchful eye of her well-supported parents.

The Swiss watchmaking journal JSH 1876 devoted a double-page spread to her in its ” Métiers ” section in June 2022, following her video appearance in the office of Aurel Bacs prior to a leading watch auction of the house Phillips. In September 2022, thanks to her New York Times feature, she has become the most unexpected ambassador of Swiss watchmaking excellence.

New York Times reporter Vivian Morelli has been true to her word. She paints a sensitive and touching portrait of 11-year-old Amandine, who... "discovers herself here in the pages of one of the most influential newspapers in the world...

Spontaneous regenerescence – the new concept

Freshness is our fate! At a time when the convenient sclerosis of ” planned obsolescence ” seems to be taunting watchmaking with a lot of connected devices, here is born, almost inadvertently, the concept of ” spontaneous regenerescence “! Thank you Amandine…

Reto Albertalli, a photographer dispatched by the New York Times, is showing his shots to Amandine...
Making-fo: Amandine shot by Reto Albertalli for the New York Times

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