Stéphane Cornioley, watch dials and virtuosities

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Since the age of 5, he who became administrative manager of “Les Cadraniers de Genève SA” has been blowing on a flute. Then a clarinet, and finally a saxophone. But his dream was to dabble with the microphone, and to be a Rock singer.

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The 80s saw the emergence of a band, with friends from his village. At the time, in the Mandement region of Geneva, what teenager hadn’t tasted the guitar riffs of the Metro band? Stéphane had just gone from breath to guitar neck. Atmosphere, unforgettable memories, first record in 1994. And certainly another one in 2023, with a few festival stages in the offing.

Multifaceted harmonies

Professionally, his name is synonymous with rare excellence in watchmaking. In 2005, he joined Les Cadraniers de Genève, where he is the administrative director. The seeming Simplicity of a dial, as he used to perceive it, reveals a world of high standards. Aesthetics, of course, but also technique, all techniques.

Creativity is ever-present, and the beauty of the dials echoes that of the music

Now a leading reference in the world of fine, high-quality watchmaking, the company he runs, under the presidency of watchmaker François-Paul Journe, embodies the values so dear to the music that has never left him: “Music is helpful when you need to understand and lead a team. Because to work together, everyone must have a common goal, give priority to listening, coherence and, above all, respond to a mutual vibration…” he asserts. We’re talking here about an orchestra of some forty musicians….

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