Crafts: Estelle Lagarde, gouache artist

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She is a brush and color tubes fairy at a time when mouse-click artists have swept away the meticulous and polished renderings that some actors of the ultimate luxury are still endorsing. These customers are rare, busy as they are with expenses and time overruns. Because it takes an incredible amount of time and an angel’s patience to lay down on the drawing paper, so organic, the colors delicately coming from tubes of gouache. After graduating from a high school in Valence and working for five years at Van Cleef & Arpels (including more than four years dedicated to enamel), she founded Lagarde Jewelry Drawing, her eponymous studio. We follow her delightfully on social networks where she regularly generates a well-deserved wow effect.

Albert-J. de Buttes-LaCôte | TàG Press +41 (News Agency)

Drawing with a brush and gouache the details of a Jaeger LeCoultre Tourbillon

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