Thomas Baillod, Linkedin ambassador?

Temps de lecture : < 1 minute

He regularly occupies the media spotlight, giving himself a few splashes that sometimes irritate, sometimes delight. Between two Webinars, including training sessions launched online long before the coronaïc age (“Watch Trade Academy“), he will be on stage at the SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne on September 28, 2021, invited by the venerable SSC, the Société Suisse de Chronométrie.

This fiery agitator, whose expertise in watch sales and distribution allowed JSH Magazine to tackle the real issues of tomorrow, is still shaking up the Christmas trees (the cantonal emblem of Neuchâtel). And if everyone has heard about his brand, or rather his Ba111od concept that has finally become a signature, few have underlined the real achievement of his breakthrough: not only has he succeeded in putting into orbit a watchmaking UFO that will soon be anchored in the port of Swiss Made, but he has done so in total independence from crowdfunding platforms that are so trendy. He only used Linkedin, again Linkedin, and not even the pro version of Linkedin. That’s where it all started. If Amaury Theinart, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly and Jean-Luc Vaillant, the founders of the network in 2002, wanted to add some trophies to their CVs, I would invite them to become Afluendors and to purchase a Ba111od right away, if possible the “Chapter 3“, Swiss made.

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