Figaro newspaper article: watchmaking, a world day?

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The concept of a “World Watchmaking Day” is in the headlines thanks to a brand new article in Le Figaro. It reminds me of this topic posted on October 10, 2020 at 10:10 (!!!) on the bloghorloger.ch (now Swiss Watch Passport).

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Without any concerted action, proof that good ideas are in the air when they are obvious, Judikael Hirel, head of the Watch and Jewellery department of Le Figaro and former chief editor of Le Point, has written an inciteful subject: “It’s urgent“, he says, “to create a World Watchmaking Day“. A 10th of October of course, since the “smiling” hour of the watches is commonly acknowledged at 10h10 by all insiders and timepiece lovers.

This idea had been on my mind just after the pandemic shutdown in mid-March 2020. At a time when my heart was no longer in it, when dizziness and fever forbade outbreaks of optimism. The surrounding questions did not discourage me from registering a few domain names: 10 October 2020 does not happen as often! Such symmetry in time should have moved the people.

Enthusiastic at the fact that this idea could take off, thanks to an unexpected audience boost, I’ll gladly board JSH (The Swiss Watch Journal, Since 1876) and the Swiss Watch Passport. While hoping to be joined by all those who, once the obvious is admitted, will visualise the huge potential spin-offs that such an event would generate… To be continued?

By positioning its hands at 10.10 the watch seems to be "smiling". For this reason, most of the watches illustrated show this time, which makes the logo and/or the brand name easier to identify

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