The Swiss press reveals Amandine to the masses

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Amandine, the world’s youngest watch columnist, whose “WhoAreU” interviews are published on Swiss Watch Passport (by JSH) online magazine, is on the cover of the 20 Minutes national media. She is also featured in the latest issue of JSH Magazine.

By Joël A. Grandjean JSH® Magazine & Swiss Watch Passport’s Publisher and Editor in Chief
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Following in the footsteps of the NY Times and the world’s watchmaking media, the 20 Minutes group reveals to the masses the “Switzerland’s youngest watchmaking fan“. Yesterday it was the German-language version, today, June 21, 2023, it’s the turn of the French-speaking edition. The Swiss watchmaking journal JSH had originally brought her to light thanks to the video media platform offered to her by Phillips auctioneer Aurel Bacs prior to a memorable auction.

Then, between her portrayals all over the world, in the Indian, Australian, American and Swiss press, JSH regularly follows her as she meets new watchmaking people, highlighting her contagious freshness.

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