Carbon-neutral gold: reassuring ingots!

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This article appeared in the June 2023 issue of JSH. A mechanical watch? It’s easy to repair over 50 years after manufacture, and we’re reluctant to throw it away because it so embodies our personal emotions. Nevertheless, every issue of the Swiss watchmaking magazine JSH deals with environmental issues.

Joël A. Grandjean, JSH Magazine & Swiss-Watch-Passport.ch ‘s Editor in chief
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For its new Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), UBS is using more environmentally-friendly ingots from precious metals refiner MKS Pamp. Certified by the Carbon Trust, these 1 or 12.5 kg ingots encourage investors to reduce the carbon footprint of their gold portfolios.

This ‘Carbon Compensated Gold’ ETF is a premiere! It is based on a raw material that has undergone a rigorous certification process, combining a solid emissions reduction plan with the acquisition of offset credits ‘standardized’ by Verified Carbon Standard (Verra), the world leader in the voluntary reduction of greenhouse gases. In other words, not only is the carbon footprint of certified gold measured and certified, but its remaining, non-absorbable emissions are then offset.

How does it work? The associated project supports afforestation in Vichada, Colombia, promoting connectivity between ecosystems and creating over 200 full-time employment opportunities in a historically deprived region. “We hope that this significant breakthrough will encourage the finance sector to pursue its ambition and accelerate the movement towards a Net Zero future,” enthuses Pietro Rocco, Head of Green Finance at the Carbon Trust.

MKS Pamp’s Head of ESG and Philanthropy, Tamara Jomaa-Shakarchi (pictured): “We are delighted to provide UBS with its certified carbon-neutral gold bars. This initiative is helping to advance environmental awareness in the gold sector.

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