Between Elton John and Bono, Boris Petitpierre and his set of watchmaking tools

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As head of his eponymous company, which has been added like a manufacturing gem to the industrial necklace of Acrotec Group, Boris Petitpierre in Cortaillod (NE) is still not believing it!

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Par quel miracle, les VIPs du monde ont-ils entendu parler de ce coffret "Passion" personnalisable, fabriqué par Petitpierre à Cortaillod? Qui existe aussi en version plus condensée, le coffret "Tradition".

When his lot No. 15, an ultra-luxury box containing a complete set of watchmaking tools – the historic know-how of his company – was confronted with the red piano on which Elton has just stood up and played, he thought he was living a wide-eyed dream. He was right there, in the heart of the world’s jet set, surrounded by stars including Bono, the charismatic leader of the band U2.

It is true that this case, which comes from watchmaking regions that have to remain in the shadows and discreetly as often demanded by the famous brands, had already been ordered in a leatherless version by the Dalai Lama himself, or in other equally customisable versions by international figures.

Watchmaking makes everything possible, even the red of the most starry carpets

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