JSH Magazine’s Special SSC issue: “Transmission in every sense of the word”

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Together with the Swiss Chronometry Society (SSC), the Swiss watchmaking journal JSH® (since 1876) is issuing a special edition devoted to the last International Congress of Chronometry at EPFL. And also to the next 2023 SSC events.

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Michele Fazzone, current President of the Swiss Chronometry Society (SSC) (2021-2023), will elect his successor who will be in charge of the 100-year celebrations

More than 800 people in the SwissTech Convention Center auditorium in Lausanne, with an additional 190 online attendees! This is the incredible turnout, up in 2022, for this yearly SSC event.

Next research and study day and watch adjusting contest: 28 September 2023

The SSC is a venerated Swiss chronometry society and is the Swiss representative of chronometry organizations worldwide. With over 1,400 members, the SSC is about to celebrate its hundredth anniversary in 2024, while showing an incredible amount of dynamism. Among its members are the most prestigious watchmaking companies and main partners of the industry. Well, it is a compendium of scientific exchanges made by and for engineers, inventors, researchers and other key thinkers…

Cover of the JSH-SSC special issue announcing the 2023 Study Day on September 28: "Transmission in all its forms"

On the stage of the SSC Congresses or Study Days, namely the CIC and the JE, there is also the emergence of an inspiring new generation. Indeed, an entire army of young talents from nearly thirty training centres all challenged each other to climb one of the three steps of the SSC podium in what remains the last watch adjustment contest, this famous skill that allows the best watchmakers to differentiate among themselves. “The best way to access quality expertise is to support the training of the younger generation and facilitate their integration into the Manufactures,” said SSC President Michel Fazzone at the award ceremony.

Mr Jean-Claude Biver and son

The next 28 September 2023 Study Day’s topic, as announced at the 2022 International Chronometry Congress, is “Transmission in all its modes.” However, talking about “transmission” in watchmaking can go beyond the mechanical microsystems that coexist within a watch calibre. It will also be discussed from the point of view of the legacy of know-how and companies. And for this “human component,” the 2023 Study Day will welcome the media-friendly Jean-Claude Biver and his son Pierre.

The call for lecturers runs until February 15, 2023
A QR code un the special issue (Page 7) allows you to to access the submission form

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