On Kickstarter, the Tzoumy Genève watch collection: a pentagonal rupturist conception

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Order on Kickstarter! Here is the rebel creative side of the watch world! The Tzoumy Genève colorful watches allow the so distinctive pentagonal design invented by Yvan Monnet to overflow from his eponymous brand to reach a more affordable segment. Ethical Swiss Made automatic models, historical Landeron 24 calibers, the symbols of a rarely seen creative freedom…

Lee Warrien / TàG Press +41 (News Agency)

2021, September 2021. The Tzoumy Genève independent brand is the only one in the 21st century watchmaking industry to rely on Yvan Monnet’s creative designs: a unique pentagonal shape, an ultimate classic elegance, different, away from the mainstream. Tzoumy thus revives those astonishing chapters in Swiss watchmaking history when the same model was produced by several brands. At the time, case manufacturers, who were the only players in watch design, did not hesitate to simultaneously suggest the same shape to several of their clients. The latter therefore had to use their dials and finishes to differentiate themselves.

Tzoumy Genève reveals a historical page of Swiss watchmaking unforgettable, different, pentagonal beauty A bold design with a Swiss Made Landeron 24 caliber.

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