AstroLuna and the Qlock hours

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Swiss online retailer Qoqa, founded by Pascal Meyer from the Jura region, has entered the watchmaking market, adding hundreds of thousands of consumers to its community. More than 50,000 watches have already been sold!!

By Albert-J. de Buttes-LaCôte / TàG Press +41 (News Agency)
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Charles Defrance (l) and Benjamin Ranchoup (r) are tireless explorers of the Swiss watchmaking landscape, sensitive to the distinctive identities of each brand

Charles Defrance (l) and Benjamin Ranchoup (r) work tirelessly in the Swiss watchmaking industry under the banner of Qlock, a limited company that is the offspring of Qoqa. Connoisseurs and enthusiasts, they perform above all because they know how to put themselves to good use for the brands. As a result, their watch and jewellery shop has become a key player in the market, often complementing the retail networks.

Seducing brands? First and foremost, by being creative! Either by proposing specific themes for collaboration, over a period of one week, or by generating specific products together, presented and delivered to the ‘Qommunity’ as a first. “Exclusivity can be symbolised either by an original design proposal, or in ‘curtain-raiser’ mode on a joint creation between Qlock and the partner brand, or in the form of a vote for the future watch to be included in the catalogue,” the two explain in unison. In other words, Internet users can choose the dial, the strap, the diameter, the case material, or even the option of a complication.

Exclusivity can be embodied either in an original design proposal, or in a ‘curtain-raiser’ on a joint creation between Qlock and the partner brand

For the Qlock campaign, Vincent Plomb, VicenTerra's founder in Boncourt (Swiss Jura), has invented special "Blue butterfly" guilloché lines for a special series of his latest model, AstroLuna

The perfect example, and one that is highly envied in the small world of independents, is that of watchmaker Vincent Plomb, founder of Vicenterra, a particularly sophisticated and coherent brand of excellence, an absolute Grail for discerning collectors, with its unique ‘earth phases’. The artisan creator has added to the Qlock times an upgraded version of his most desirable latest model, AstroLuna, a genuine “Qomplication” UFO with its earth stylised by the oceans and its moon inhabited by real craters: each turns on itself according to its own astral rhythm. For Qlock, the watchmaker from Boncourt in the Jura invented specific guilloché lines, the “Blue papillon“. Then he endowed his Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier calibre with a yellow gold rotor. A limited series, far from any kind of discount, totally sold out…..

Vicenterra founder Vincent Plomb is a pioneer in independent Swiss watchmaking. As a forerunner in the world of subscriptions, this creator and manufacturer invented the "earth phases" and, from the universe, offers with his AstroLuna timepieces the opportunity to observe secret rendezvous between the Sun, the Moon and the Earth

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