Careers, the rising stars: Amandine, the post-Z generation is coming!

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It’s a phenomenon! She is 11 years old and is creating a worldwide buzz on the watchmaking web. Amandine embodies with freshness and enthusiasm all that brands would dream of getting as a pure reflection of their image.

By Joël A. Grandjean,  JSH® Magazine & Swiss Watch Passport’s Editor in Chief
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Because she has been familiar to our editorial staff since she was very young, and because her enthusiasm is contagious, the bilingual watch magazine Swiss Watch Passport (by JSH) has decided to publish articles written by her. Under the title of "Tekitoi" (WhoAreU), she will publish her own interviews. While continuing to pursue her dream and... to do her homework assiduously!

Since she was 8 she answered “watchmaker-designer at Bulgari” when she was asked what her future job would be. With her determination and her disarming charisma, she embodies the next generation of watch-making careers.

Budding Instagrammer 

On her Instagram profile (Of Course under parental eye protection), she reviews her watchmaking experiences with a refreshing maturity. It’s tasty, naively moving, and above all unsettlingly accurate. She just says what she thinks about it, what she likes.

Worldwide thanks to the MoonSwatch

Then, between her first interview and her umpteenth post on Instagram, she was caught on the Australian Time & Tide camera negotiating her MoonSwatch. The Amandine phenomena is born, it transcends borders…

Amandine, @watch_it_with_amandine, on Instagram. Soon, she will be a regular contributor to the Swiss Watch Passport (by JSH)

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