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He arrived home, opened his bag and said, “It’s for you! It’s a detective book with a special dedication that tears at my eyes. “Sur La Trace Des Diamants Perdus” is “his” book! My son is an author!

Joël A. Grandjean, JSH Magazine & Swiss-Watch-Passport.ch’s editor in chief
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An author with an assumed name, DWG (pronounce in a frenchy way), his initials phonetically changed to Dédou Bleveger, published by Éditions Baudelaire on Paris’s Boulevard Malesherbes, available on every platform and in every bookstore in France, Switzerland and the rest of the world!

“Ten years of my life,” he told me

I had not seen him coming, on the sidelines of his historian’s job and assistant curator of the Audemars Piguet museum. The story is about an investigation by Count William de Monfort, and reminds me of his childhood memories when we were traipsing around Frédéric Dard’s neighborhood. I shudder at the idea of reading it, of discovering all of the autobiographical depths and, perhaps, all of the things he never told me, never even dared to tell me. I’m so proud, my son, Dave-William Grandjean, this writer…

The book "Sur La Trace Des Diamants Perdus". Behind the author, a fellow by the name of Dédou Bleveger, is DWG, aka Dave-William Grandjean, assistant curator of the Musée Audemars Piguet (Cover design by Janine Grandjean of Elevate Digital Agency Ltd. www.elevateda.com)

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