De Bethune Invests in Reuge

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Relationship between De Bethune and Reuge to expand technical vocabulary and expertise  of Sainte-Croix-based masters of mechanical artistry.

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SAINTE-CROIX AND GENEVA, SWITZERLAND (February 2, 2023) – De Bethune takes great pride in announcing a majority investment in REUGE, the renowned producer of music automaton. De Bethune and Amr AlOtaishan, representatives of the proprietor family and current CEO, confirm the signature of this alliance, under which De Bethune will acquire a majority position in the Reuge manufacture. Together, the two Sainte-Croix-based companies will expand their technical vocabulary, developing synergies to accelerate the renewal of art mechanics. The formal completion of the agreement will take place within the coming weeks.

La Mécanique d’Art Suisse can warmly thank Dr. Abdul Rahman AlOtaishan for his longstanding support of unique Swiss expertise, recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible World Heritage. Amr AlOtaishan will continue to be a steward of the brand, serving as a strategic advisor and member of the Reuge board.

Denis Flageollet, De Bethune co-founder and Master Watchmaker; Pierre Jacques, De Bethune CEO; Amr AlOtaishan, and the De Bethune team look forward to this new era in the creation of mechanical art.

About De Bethune

De Bethune is an independent Swiss watch manufacturer located in L’Auberson. Up there, in the pastures of the Swiss Jura mountains, nearly 50 people–the watchmakers, engineers, designers, micro-mechanics, polishers, and decorators following the lead and impetus of Denis Flageollet, founder of the brand and Master Watchmaker–focus on the research and development and realization of technical and aesthetic innovations in the spirit of the great master watchmakers of the 18th century.

Tourbillons, perpetual calendars, chronometers, deadbeat seconds, spherical moons, bridges, wheels, anchors, balance wheels, pinions, balance springs, and screws, but also the cases, dials, floating lugs, hands… Each component is thought out and manufactured one by one, with particular attention given to even the smallest detail, including the decoration with the famous ‘Côtes De Bethune’ and microlight engraving that have become hallmarks.

De Bethune designs develop and manufacture all of its timepieces in-house. Since its foundation, De Bethune has developed no fewer than 30 calibers, unveiled some thirty world premieres, registered numerous patents, and produced 150 one-offs for the most discerning collectors. All over the world, De Bethune timepieces have won the highest distinctions, including the Aiguille d’Or of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève for the Watch of the Year. Today, Denis Flageollet and Pierre Jacques, the company’s CEO, jointly shape the brand’s destiny. A pure style, taut lines, and slim cases are part of the inimitable signature of De Bethune’s bold creations.

About Reuge

With more than 155 years of expertise, Reuge manufactures pieces that are technically, acoustically, and aesthetically superlative. Combining the motion of an automaton with an exquisite sonority offers an unparalleled experience of the senses. Forward-thinking and innovation define Reuge just as much as its respect for traditional craftsmanship. The Brand relentlessly seeks new materials, original themes, and groundbreaking acoustics, making way for the contemporary music boxes of the 21st century. Reuge’s ability to transform inanimate metal into emotion continues to enthrall those who seek a true work of art, reaching beyond fleeting trends.

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