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Videos that have reached a million views and more! For more than ten years now, Marc André Deschoux, alias MAD, has been giving out his ” Viva Watchmaking ” videos on his WATCHESTV channel.

By Patrick Wehrli & Joël A. Grandjean , JSH® Magazine & Swiss Watch Passport’s editor in chief
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This key figure in the world of global streaming is taking his work to the next level at EPHJ 2022. With an archive of hundreds of terabytes of video content, he is leading his team into a video glossary and is launching the Horopedia foundation.

A platform under the banner of “knowledge transfer” that will oversee a life’s work. And which will give universal know-how access to visual definitions. Words, gestures, talent and expertises shown and explained in pictures. In short, a video dictionary of everything that humanity should remember about watchmaking history. Good luck!

French article, in pdf

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