“WhoAreU” interview with Marco Tedeschi, Kross Studio founder & CEO

Temps de lecture : 4 minutes
interview Tekitoi @Watch_it_with_Amandine et Marco Tedeschi de Kross Studio

My name is Amandine, I am now 13 years old and keen on watchmaking. Since the age of 7, when asked what job I want to do, I answer “watchmaker-designer at Bulgari”… In the meantime, I interview people in the industry… In 2023, during Watches & Wonders week in Geneva, I had the chance to meet Marco Tedeschi, his wife and children. We talked together about watchmaking, cinema, passion…

By Amandine, the youngest Swiss Watch Passport columnist
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Marco Tedeschi, who are you at the office?

I’m the conductor of the orchestra at Kros Studio. I design the watches and then we design the movements with the technical team. When that’s done, I work with the various departments to make sure everything matches my initial vision.

And in real life?

I’m the father of two children, Stella and Marco. I try to share my passions and spend as much time as possible with them.

How did you get into watchmaking?

I got into it very young, a bit like you. My dad had a watch store in Geneva and I used to go to work with him every Saturday. He gave me the job of winding the watches. And seeing all the parts of the movements come to life and move together made me want to know a bit more.

What do you remember about your first watch?

Like many people, it was a Swatch that my father gave me for a birthday. I wore it a lot. Then I was lucky enough to be able to wear my father’s watches too. So I remember my first mechanical watch very well. It was a Breil, a brand that no longer exists. It was very interesting for me to have a mechanical watch on my wrist rather than a quartz watch.

Marco Tedeschi, fondateur et directeur artistique de Kross Studio
Marco Tedeschi, Kross Studio founder and creative director

And which watch has the most sentimental value for you today?

I’ve always given myself watches for special occasions. And the one that reminds me of the best moment is the one I gave myself for my wedding. I had the date engraved on the back. If I have to sell my entire collection one day, this would certainly be the last one I’d let go.

Do you make watches for young people?

For young and old! Our youngest customer is 14 today. Maybe that’s not so young for you, but consider that we only make watches with complications and that our first price is 80,000 francs… so that’s pretty young for this type of watch. And our oldest customer is 84. So we have a very wide range of customers.

interview Tekitoi entre @watch_it_with_Amandine et Marco Tedeschi, fondateur de Kross Studio
@watch_it_with_Amandine and Kross Studio founder Marco Tedeschi during the "WhoAreU" interview

What would you say to young persons under the age of 15 to get them interested in mechanical watchmaking rather than their Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is great! But mechanical watchmaking is an art, a know-how. It’s something that’s timeless and will last a lifetime, without obsolescence.

I encourage all young people to take an interest, not only because it’s beautiful, but also because it’s a source of national pride in Switzerland.

Wristshot avec le tourbillon central
Wristshot with the Lotus central Tourbillon, a collab with desiger Alain Silberstein

What are your brand’s strengths in serving the market?

Our brand is very interesting because we don’t sell watches on their own. They’re always part of a collector’s set. Not only do you get a very complicated timepiece, a central tourbillon, but you also receive with your watch a sculpture or accessory that appeared in a film. This gives Kros Studio watches a special dimension, something you won’t find with other brands.

Le tourbillon
Boba Fett central tourbillon (named after the most famous bounty hunter in the Starwars saga) comes in a set with the spaceship replica.

There’s a lot of talk about sustainability. What does it mean to you?

As I said, I have two children, so sustainability takes on a very special dimension. We never own the planet, we’re just tenants…
We’re lucky enough to work with Warner and Star Wars. Two very large companies that are very much involved in this direction. So we make sure that we and our suppliers abide by very strict rules when it comes to sustainability. We won’t work with a supplier who doesn’t meet these quality standards.

compte Instagram de MarcoTedeschi
MarcoTedeschi Instagram account

Are you more into TikTok, Instagram or LinkedIn?

I can spend days scrolling through Instagram. But I’ve tried TikTok, and that’s when I thought I’d got old… I’m more into images than videos.

What advice would you give me so that I can live my passion and work in watchmaking?

Always do what you really like! If I’m where I am today, it’s because I didn’t go to university as I was advised. I did an apprenticeship as a microtechnology draughtsman because I knew it was my passion and I wanted to make a career out of it.

So follow your own path! Don’t let anyone decide for you, and become the best watch designer of the next generation.

Any message you’d like to pass on, anything to add?

No, not really. Keep on loving watchmaking and making people love it! Anyway, thanks for your questions.

Shall we take a selfie for my album?

Why not?

Do you have any questions for me?

(M.T.) If you were to design your first watch, what type of movement would you like to start with?

(Amandine) A QP is great, but maybe a little too complicated for a first watch. Maybe a very refined tourbillon, in black and white a la Chanel. Something simple but subtle.

Le traditionnel selfie de l'interview Tekitoi @watch_it_with_amandine et Marco Tedeschi, fondateur de Kross Studio
Amandine's "WhoAreU" interview traditional selfie

Children’s words: the words of Stella and Marco

Marco Tedeschi’s 2 children were there on the day of their father’s Tekitoi interview, and found it a little odd that a child like them was asking him all those questions. I wanted to ask them what they thought…

Which of Mom and Dad’s watches do you like best?

(Marco) I don’t know, I think it’s the one over there on the wood. (editor’s note: the Booba Fett)

(Sella) The one he’s going to make for me…

Do you already wear a watch?

(Marco) An electronic watch

(Stella) A normal watch (editor’s note: a FlikFlak)

Have you ever watched one of the movies where Mom and Dad made a watch?

(in chorus) noooooooooooon

What would you like to be when you grow up? Would you like to work in watches like Dad?

(Stella): no, I’d like to be a school teacher.

(Marco): I’m hesitating between two professions: watchmaker or policeman.

Cool then, the next generation is secured 😉

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