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Old machines, a gleaming old printing press in perfect state of working order, all sizes of burins, everything in Georges Koularmanis’ workshop in the heart of Plan-les-Ouates, between watchmaking Giants and worldwide prestige, is similar to the world of watchmaking or jewellery engraving.

Joël A. Grandjean, JSH® Magazine & Swiss Watch Passport’s editor in chief and publisher
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Embossing and reliefs are part of Georges Koularmanis' expertise

In fact, the techniques used are the same: intaglio, which is also used for banknotes, i.e. the production of the printing plates. This takes us well beyond the very classy business cards, with embossment, gold leaf or other noble relief, beyond the letterheads that breathe blue blood and honourable coats of arms, towards the forgery-proof nature of some documents that watchmakers are particularly fond of: in particular, the authenticity certificates that come with certain exceptional pieces. Because only artistic expression by human hands can be identically reproduced.

George Koularmanis among antique gleaming machines: a dying craft
Old-fashioned printed matters, business cards, prestigious letterheads and tamper-proof authenticity certificates for the watchmaking sector

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