Opening of Watchmakers United in Geneva!

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Geneva. Following the successful launch of its digital platform in December 2023, Watchmakers United now offers a physical, immersive space exclusively devoted to independent watchmakers, showcasing its revolutionary distribution concept.

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Watchmakers United is pleased to announce the opening of its first store in Geneva, marking a significant milestone in the watchmaking industry.

Inviting enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the horological world and located in the heart of Geneva, just steps away from the legendary flower clock, its more than just a new watch store. Its the convergence of innovation and craftsmanship, all in a spirit of proximity and exchange.

More than just a boutique…

“Our vision at Watchmakers United has always been to create a space that celebrates the unparalleled artistry and craftsmanship of independent watchmakers,” stated Maximilien Roussel-Galle (founder and CEO). “With this opening, we aim to redefine the traditional retail experience by providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere where watch enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the world of horological excellence. The store solidifies our commitment to spotlighting these visionaries and giving them the platform they truly deserve”.

The space is designed and furnished like the apartment of a modern gentleman, where art and various objects provide the perfect backdrop for watches. Customers can explore a collection of meticulously crafted timepieces by a range of established artisans and emerging talents. Most showcased pieces are either highly limited editions or unique one-of-a-kind creations.

A hub for horological interactions

One distinctive feature of Watchmakers United store is its commitment to fostering a sense of community and connection. Twice a month, customers and watch enthusiasts will have the unique opportunity to attend captivating events in the presence of watchmakers. These gatherings provide a chance to engage in discussions about a shared passion in an intimate setting.

“At Watchmakers United, we are devoted to supporting independent watchmakers, whether established or emerging,” emphasized Vincent Vuillaume (CEO). We firmly believe that watchmaking can be a team sport. We all share a common vision, and with our combined efforts, synergies will naturally emerge. This is great news for our customer community, and we are confident that our team will continue to grow!”

Shona Alaskane Taine de Arkhea
Bastien Vuilliomenet de Lundis Bleus
Bastien Vuilliomenet de Lundis Bleus
Cédric Johner, horloger indépendant
Olivier Mory, de Skill Watches
Xavier Rousset, de XRby
John-Mikaël Flaux, Créateur & Horloger
Samuel Gillioz, de Kauri Watches Genève
Armand Billard, Sartory-Billard
Philippe Narbel, de Philippe Narbel et Manufactor SA
Vincent Plomb, de Vicenterra
Marie-Aude Acker et Guillaume Sireyx de Keris

Digital and now physical, Watchmakers United provides a unique platform dedicated to artists who best embody the typical Swiss watchmaker image. The opening of the store marks a new chapter in the industry’s evolution towards greater authenticity. Independent watchmakers have experienced a period of success in recent years, and now they are united, with a rallying point to face the future with confidence.

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