Roventa-Hennex majority in management hands

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Continuity in change: Philippe Merk and Jérôme Biard, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO respectively, acquire a majority stake in a management buy-out.

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Tavannes, August 9th 2022. Sixty percent of the capital of Roventa-Henex S.A., founded in Bienne by Norbert Schenkel in 1959, is being acquired today by the management of the Bernese company.

Strategic reliance

Findos Investor, Munich, which has supported the company’s growth since 2013, will continue to play a rôle in the leading company’s governance and is very confident in the strategy which the company has implemented and in its sustainable development plans.

As a result, this move allows Chairman Philippe Merk and CEO Jérôme Biard to each acquire 30% of the company capital while the fund will retain 40%.”We have been working closely with the team from Findos Investor since 2015 and I am proud to take on this new rôle, together with Jérôme who joined us in 2019, which will mean we are even more active and more involved” said Philippe Merk, the renowned manager, director and investor from Zurich.

Jérôme Biard, CEO of Roventa-Henex, emphasises that this approach “will enable us to plan our long-term actions and support product development for our longstanding customers guaranteeing them security and peace of mind, by taking control of our future in a spirit of entrepreneurship“.

About Roventa-Henex

Founded in 1959, Roventa-Henex is today the leading manufacturer of quality Swiss Made Private Label watches. We work for many well-known international watch brands, prestigious jewellers and renowned retailers. With our in-house design and development team with highly experienced designers, technicians and component specialists, we are able to cover a wide range of products and to offer Swiss Made models in every price segment.

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