September 20th-23rd 2022: the Technical Watchmaker Show

Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

In the historical setting of the watchmaking metropolis, the Anciens Abattoirs de La Chaux-de-Fonds, the TWS returns as a mega open door to the know-how of the suppliers sector. More than sixty companies are getting ready to celebrate their expertise.

By Joël A. Grandjean / JSH® Magazine & Swiss Watch Passport’s Publisher & Editor in Chief
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Shooting in 2014 by photographers Marcel Kultscher and Claudine Garcia (model Alice Wieser)

This year, the event is taking on its own event identity with a specific date in the calendar that is no longer dependent on any other watch exhibition. It has its own restaurant, a conference room and lounges where you can relax in private or alone… And to read the sector’s publications, such as the oldest Swiss watchmaking journal, JSH Magazine (1876).

Two visionaries who one day rolled up their sleeves. Two Swiss made jewels in the manufacture of watchmaking tools that can count on the third key figure of this festive industrial event, Johnny Veillard, CEO and founder of Partner IT SA in Neuchâtel

Dedicated to the watchmaking and microtechnology trades, to the know-how of the subcontracting industry, this human-sized and friendly event offers an online ticketing service, a conference programme (download) and almost ten start-ups. As an added bonus, the TWS is also becoming a destination supported by Neuchâtel tourism. Each night’s accommodation will be provided with the Neuchâtel Tourist Card, an incentive pass which offers free public transport throughout the canton as well as free admission to around thirty tourist services, such as museum visits and cruises.

The MIH, the International Watchmaking Museum, is also playing the game, offering preferential entry fees to all TWS badge holders

Booth 2022 of the Dornier company. The Technical Watchmaker Show (TWS), 3rd edition, is back! More than sixty exhibitors

Committed visionaries

Our wish is to create a real link between watch manufacturers and the technical companies that are closely linked to them” says Vladimir ZennaroBergeon‘s CEO and co-founder of the event with Eric Zuccatti, Horotec‘s CEO who adds: “Our mission is to offer a dynamic and welcoming platform for professionals to meet, do business and (re)create contacts.”

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