SilMach: the fifth element

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Giving the time using a disruptive technology from the secrets of silicon – that’s what SilMach presented at Micronora in September 2022. Creative people hit your marks!

Laurent Sage /  JSH® Magazine Columnist
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And now, after the sun, sand, water, mechanics, quartz and connections, the fifth dimension has arrived: they’re called MEMs and their physical dimensions can vary from several millimetres to less than a micrometre – less than the width of a human hair.

This is pure R&D, and above all an incredible mastery of the silicium secrets that are specific to SilMach. Enough to boost open design enthusiasts and ChatGPT addicts. Enough to stimulate the creativity of both professional and amateur designers. It’s a way of creating, in 3D with or without AI doping, original watch designs: here with independent, deported hands, there with different shapes and lugs. The revolution in MEMs and the silicium that tells the time has begun.

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