Stratospherical AstroLUNA by Vicenterra, Astronomical three-dimensional GMT: earth and moon from above

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Spring 2021, an alien timepiece emerges from the Jura terroirs of watchmaking heritage. The twice 99-piece limited edition of this aventurine-blue-cosmos UFO is already exciting watch lovers around the world. A micro-mechanical poetry, rupturistic and elegant, a moon to be corrected by one day every 126 years…


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Vincent Plomb, founder of the independent Jura based Vicenterra watch brand, has experienced the stars from up close. Back on earth, this inventor and watchmaker decided to make it his own: his micromechanical creations will forever embody that moment when life hangs by a thread and when the universal desire to live requires a combination of balances.


Pay attention, you’ll just have to correct the moon of this rupturist and elegant tiempiece once every 126 years….!


AstroLUNA by Vicenterra, end of April 2021, an astronomical timepiece with permanent three-dimensional GMT


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Spécifications techniques de l’AstroLUNA
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AstroLUNA’s technical specifications


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