Talent: the focus of Matthieu Allegre, designer

Temps de lecture : < 1 minute

In a graduate style study, this watch designer explores the camera to the point of making it a design object. Amongst prototypes from his 3D printer, his drawings and some objects that are dear to him, this camera named “Lumière” catches the eye. It infuses him with his deep gaze, the inspiration of lines and shapes that transcend the passing of time.

Some prestigious names on his CV? No comment, even if these “signatures” are visible on social networks! With his faith and passion intact, this artist deals with the aesthetics of ultimate or simple watches. In addition to his solitary work, he also animates, face-to-face, a network of enthusiasts from all sectors of the watchmaking industry. Including those of the so-called co-contractors: the WatchCONNECT.

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