VisioDome, from dematerialized exhibitions to workshops

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Tomorrow’s retail? This “plug and play” device has already reached its peak during the 2021 Watches & Wonders dematerialized edition. It has been seen parading on improvised TV stages and therefore on the world’s terminals.

By Lee Warrien, TàG Press +41 (News Agency)
Published in JSH magazine #01-2021 – Subscribe

Developed by Raphael Henry’s team (brandstorm), the VisioDome, which is connectable to any operating system, has the specificity of transforming virtual sessions, zooms and other live exchanges, into a real display for watches. Especially for timepieces that require special attention, that need to be explained and detailed: close-ups, optimal luminosity, a glove system that manipulates the watch and makes it almost touchable from afar.

And the most surprising is that this mini-portable studio, born in the heart of the pandemic to compensate for the deficiencies of face-to-face trainings, is attracting more and more Manufactures. Either because the distances covered from one workshop to another are annoying, or because the workshops are geographically dispersed and some validations can now be performed remotely. This means immediately and without damaging the ozone layer… Is this tomorrow’s retail?

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