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While the market of pre-owned watches is booming, this new website – which offers some timepieces for experienced collectors – is a killer! It inventories and offers via its online store, the worldwide state of the watch components stocks…

By Ollivier Broto, journalist et antique watch expert | TàG Press +41 (News Agency)
To be read in the JSH magazine #01/2021

This real “international library” of historical components of the Swiss watchmaking industry is now online. It also resolves the question of the authenticity of the components. Thanks to a three-dimensional capture of each individual part, this website ensures its correct origin as well as the capability to reconstruct it identically, in case of its disappearance.

Simply indicate a diameter and a number of prongs and the world’s only database will tell you which calibre they belong to. And how does it work? Nicolas Commergnat, a passionate watchmaker, has been on the way of the most sought-after timepieces for more than ten years. He restores them, prepares them for auctions and, since they are aldready on his workbench, scans them down to the smallest of their components… As for Maxime Defferard, the manager of this new platform, he has acquired valuable skills in online business while cultivating his passion for watchmaking at MB&F, Hublot and within the world reference of watch auctions, at Bacs & Russo, aka Aurel Bacs.

Maxime Defferard, Watch-Spare.com managing director
Nicolas Commergnat, expert watchmaker

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