Singer Reimagined: la saison des awards

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We are humbled to have received two official nominations in 2022 for our timepieces. These nominations recognizing our advanced engineering capabilities and our ongoing exploration of the watchmaking world.

A selection of Ashmita Muthoora / @TRP, Public Relations Cabinet
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The Track1 SKLT Nominated

The members of the jury of Temporis International Awards 2022 have selected our Track1 – SKLT Edition to run in Temporis Best Start-up Watch category.

Be part of the first International voting process for the Best Watches. The public vote is live on the official site of the competition until September 25th. Every voice counts, and the more voices, the better.

The Track1 – SKLT Edition is the first watch from Singer Reimagined with a skeleton dial, allowing the full beauty of its revolutionary movement to be unveiled. For the first time.

The Barista is running at GPHG

We did it again! Back in 2018, our first chronograph, the Track1 was awarded the Chronograph prize by GPHG. Today, our Flytrack Barista is officially selected among the 6 finalist watches of Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève 2022 in the Men’s Complication Category.

We are truly grateful to The Grand Prix de Genève for this latest nomination recognizing the Flytrack Barista from our ‘Time Only’ collection and our ongoing exploration of the watchmaking world. This watch embodies the creativity and the audacity of Marco Borraccino.

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