A breakthrough? Silmach brings MEMS to watchmaking

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This “deep tech” company from Besançon, located in the heart of the Temis microtechnology and science park, is offering PowerMems, a disruptive technology for watchmaking..

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Definition: A MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical system) is a miniature machine that has both mechanical and electronic components. Here is a Silmach chip

Silicon’s secrets? Silmach is exploring and mastering them. So much so that in September 2022 at the Micronora trade fair (Besançon), on the French side of the Jurassian arc, it has presented a revolutionary technology: the result of long research and development efforts, it will considerably broaden the watchmaking horizon.

How about a Tesla Watch Hybrid with power mems technology?

The physical size of a MEMS can be from several millimetres down to less than a micrometre, a dimension much smaller than the width of a human hair. Here a Silmach chip
"Let's imagine hybrid luxury watches, ultra efficient in terms of health and sport, on the wrists of the world's watch lovers..."

The Power Mems, now in the process of being industrialised, make it possible to ideally combine smart watches and traditional watches, and thus to materialise brand-new designs. They come from “Next Watch” which, as the official Silmach website explains, is “an industrial research and collaborative development project with the objective of designing, developing and industrialising a silicon-based technology for the motorisation of quartz watches and connected watches with hands.”

Getting started

With their teams and partners, co-directors Pierre-François Louvigné and Jean-Baptiste Carnet are putting all their enthusiasm into these totally incredible new perspectives with both a technological and scientific focus. It’ s all set to go! Almost 300 jobs could be created thanks to fully automated mass production, including a hundred or so at Silmach… To be followed soon…

In Besançon, the Temis microtechnology and science park

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