Ba111od Chapter 6: gem-set automatic ladies’ watches!

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Two gem-set creations, available now. They embody the duality of the moon and the sun: the modernity of the “steel” model with its cut-out aventurine dial, and the classic refinement of the model with its white dial and yellow gold coating…

A Shaniah Asha Gibson / @TRP, Public Relations Cabinet selection
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Neuchâtel, 13 June 2024. The duality of these two novelties lies in the striking contrast they offer, each capturing a distinct essence of feminine elegance.

These watches illustrate a perfect harmony between two worlds: one rooted in modernity and the other in tradition. This duality allows each woman to choose the watch that most resonates with her personal style and vision of elegance. Discover them now and let yourself be seduced by their captivating charm.

The lunar model

With its cool shades and contemporary design, and its dark blue aventurine dial, it symbolises modernity and innovation. It is for the modern woman, bold and mysterious, who finds beauty in the simplicity and depth of colour.

Its stainless steel case, with a bezel set with laboratory diamonds, is an ode to modernity. The blue aventurine evokes the mysterious depth of the starry sky, whose cut-out reveals the beating heart of the watch, offering a touch of magic to every glance. The silvered hands and hour markers ensure perfect legibility and timeless elegance. The navy satin strap adds a note of discreet, contemporary sophistication.


The solar model

With its golden shine and classic allure, it represents refinement. It is designed for the woman who values tradition, purity and classic elegance. This watch is a tribute to light and warmth.

Its 2N gold PVD case and white dial create a luminous combination, enhanced by the laboratory diamonds adorning the bezel. The golden hands and hour-markers add a touch of warmth and elegance, perfected by a satin strap that adds a touch of purity and refinement to this timeless model.


Available immediately from showroom Ba111od

Villa Castellane in Neuchâtel, on the www.ba111od.com website, in the Afluendors boutiques and in the brand’s points of sale.

Chapter 6.6 Laura & 6.8 Adriana

CHF 1380.00 (Lunar model)
CHF 1325.00 (Solar model)
Chapter 6 from CHF 675.00

Key facts about Ba111od

The Ba111od brand, founded in 2019 by Thomas Baillod, embodies an innovative approach to the world of Swiss watchmaking, setting itself apart by its desire to make luxury more accessible. Located in the heart of Neuchâtel’s Watch Valley, the company designs its exclusively Swiss-made watches in-house, and already has its own watchmaking workshop. For the development of its complications and their assembly, it calls on the renowned watch designer Olivier Mory, who is based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, close to the other co-contractors with whom Ba111oD collaborates. A pioneer of we-commerce, which combines personalized human interaction with the convenience of e-commerce, the brand has a loyal and constantly growing community of afluendors (a contraction of “ambassadors, influencers and vendors”), with whom it has created a strong bond based on transparency, accessibility and direct contact. This approach, integra/ng online sales and now also physical points of experience, transforms each launch into a major event, mobilizing the community on platforms such as LinkedIn and at exclusive events. Each time, the watches are acclaimed for their cutting-edge design, choice of materials and integrated innovations, embodying Ba111od’s mission to democratize luxury watchmaking for a diverse public.

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