Badeco new MX-2 Carbon OLED control unit

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Nouveauté 2024 le contrôleur MX-2 Carbon OLED

Geneva based precision tools manufacturer Badeco SA presents its new MX-2 Carbon OLED hyper-compact micromotor control unit with speed display and dual motor output.

In 2016, at the JCK show in Las Vegas, Badeco received the Innovation and Design Award for its new MX-1 Carbon controller. It was the first time a micromotor control box had been designed so that it could be integrated directly into the workbench or placed on a stand to free up maximum workspace space… and, what’s more, with its carbon front panel, the MX-1 stood out for its innovative aesthetics.


In response to the success of this model and new market demands, the MX-1 has been upgraded with a second motor output and a digital speed display to enable fine-tuning and standardization of production ranges. The new MX-2 Carbon OLED ads to the MX control units range and displays now the rotation speed of its two Badeco micro- and/or nanomotors.

set Badeco MX-2 Carbon Oled

This double innovation to improve user’s experience is further enhanced by a substantial power gain of around 15% (made possible by the use of new components) and the addition of a memory system for the operating mode and set speed.

Increased productivity and power, precise reproducibility of settings from one workstation to the next, with the same footprint and Swiss Made quality for which Badeco is renowned… to better meet the needs of watchmaking and jewellery customers who are increasingly demanding in terms of tool quality and operator comfort.

The MX-2 Carbon OLED are Swiss Made tools manufactured in Geneva by Badeco. They will be available on the market from mid-February, in ready-to-use kits, in Strong version with RS2000 micromotor and HP465 handpiece, or Light versions with a RS3000 SP or V nanomotor and the latest-generation HP460 handpiece.

MX-2 Carbon OLED kits, in Strong or Light versions, will be priced at CHF 1,650 ex VAT.

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