Book: “La montre n’a pas dit son dernier mot”, by Laurent Sage

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Sage366. His name inspires a confident, experienced attitude. His voice and his stature underline the trait. As for the 366, added to his firm’s eponymous name, does it not mean that Laurent Sage’s involvement, once called upon, will be of hash 24?

By Joël A. Grandjean / JSH® Magazine & Swiss Watch Passport’s Publisher & Editor in Chief
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This man is committed. By the cause of causes, that of bringing counsel and enlightenment, and why not even guidances, to players in the luxury industry. Whether they are just starting out or in their crucial stages, at their growth crossroads. Committed like the pages of his book, which appears on Amazon, in print or online download.

During his successful career at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Doubs, in Besançon, he has encountered many entrepreneurs, business creators, takeovers, implementers and startupers. And not only in the region of the French Jura, but also in all its connections with Switzerland, where the oils of watchmaking desirability are so essential as to perfume the surrounding areas.

Cover of the book "La montre n'a pas dit son dernier mot", by Laurent Sage

NoWatch, the enemy we weren’t expecting

Yes, his book reminds us, the watch is in danger. “The mastery of fire, steam and electricity have transformed the history of humanity: so has working from a distance. The tool changes the world. Especially as we know, the watch is threatened by the Smartwatch and above all the NoWatch, i.e. the fact of no longer wearing a watch at all,” he adds, noting this global trend in industrialised countries to no longer wear a watch at all. Deadly for the sector.

Motivated, “since the world is changing fast and watchmaking is not changing enough,” he invests himself body and soul in sharing his analyses followed by the panel of his recommendations. At the same time, he became the respondent of the Swiss watchmaking journal, the JSH Magazine 1876, for his entire region. For which he also writes some articles. And when asked to whom he dedicates his book, he answers without hesitation. “To Jean-Jacques Weber, President of the French Watchmaking Federation, for his support and friendship.

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