Cedric Johner, the iconic Abyss returns to life in Paris-Match weekly magazine

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Now listed as a cultural attraction by the Geneva Tourist Office, this independent watchmaker, who produces unique timepieces, is driving collectors from all over the world or those who love discoveries into his secret lair: his micro-workshop in Carouge is an Ali-Baba cave, filled with improbable items, as precious as the life of this lonely artist. He is celebrating his 30th anniversary with a series of 30 timepieces featuring the exquisitely soft tonneau shape that made him famous in 1997. This Maestro of the handmade makes everything himself, without plans, with no other reference than his unparalleled experience and his incredible humanity.

By Joël A. Grandjean / JSH® Magazine & Swiss Watch Passport Publisher & Editor in Chief 
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Appeared on page 24 of the December 02, 2021 Paris-Match

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