duManège timepieces, the DM-Exploration Silver Edition goes public

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Montres duManège, the only Swiss brand of watches to display the name La Chaux-de-Fonds on its dials, is launching a timepiece that is almost architectural in style. The world of collectors is already abuzz: each serie is numbered...

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duManège, the DM-Exploration silver version with its Technotime caliber, view on the rotor

Basel 2015. The lounge of the Hotel Ramada, on the plaza in front of Baselworld. The brand Montres duManège, which is located on rue du Manège in La Chaux- de-Fonds, cultivates a DNA steeped in the primordial Swiss skill in micromechanics, but also in the architectural glory of a town that has been classified as a UNESCO Heritage Site since 2009. The venerable building was inspired by the design of all the other buildings surrounding it. It houses the headquarters and workshops of a brand named after one of the town’s most famous registered landmarks, the Ancien Manège (Old Riding School), which stands opposite.

Born and bred in the Neuchâtel Mountains
The market launch of the DM-Exploration Silver Edition reinforces some of those unique and inspiring values derived from a specific urban setting and relationship with one of the historical cradles of top-drawer watchmaking. This is a city – let us recall here – where even the construction of the houses was done according to the lighting needs of the watchmakers who worked inside them. The case is made up of nine steel or ceramic components, is 44.5 millimeters in diameter, and water-resistant to 50 meters. The DM-Exploration Silver Edition highlights the keen sobriety of the case’s curves by alternating satin-brushed surfaces with polished beveled edges. The workmanship is meticulous. It was done by the artisans and subcontractors of the region, which includes the famed Jura, of course. It is perfectly true to the famous dictum, “to do more than necessary.


Watches from theManège La Chaux-de-Fonds, DM Exploration steel and ceramic

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