Edouard Koehn: return to North America

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During his tenure at Patek Philippe, the master Watchmaker Edouard Koehn (1839-1908) was responsible for the brand’s stellar growth in America as he undertook many trips there. Some 180 years later, thanks to distributor Totally Worth It, he’s back in North America.

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Tempus II Collection by Edouard Koehn Master Watchmaker

History and today

Edouard Koehn began his career as a clockmaker at the court of the Grand Duchy of Saxe-Weimar. He came to Geneva in 1859 and in 32 years, he rose from watchmaker to Partner at Patek Philippe & Co. He left in 1891 to pursue his own project and eventually develop his own brand based in Geneva.

Today, the technical and artisanal spirit underlying these watches with their assertive temperament is based on genuine fine watchmaking expertise inherited from its founder. The ‘Edouard Koehn Master Watchmaker’ Manufacture is now based in La Chaux-de-Fonds. The strategy is to have a two-prong approach based on small series of sporty and racy chronographs and a highly technical classical timepiece.

Tri-Compax Chronographs and Universal Time with Alarm function

Tempus Collection: The chronographs – Tempus I & II – are powered by mechanical self-winding Tri-Compax chronographs and Bi-Compax single-pusher chronographs. Their steel fairing, a tribute to the legendary sports watches of the seventies, opens onto a display with large numerals reminiscent of aircraft instruments. The addition of titanium and ceramic is an ode to modern horology.

World Heritage Collection: The second part of the spear is the World Heritage. The rarest duo complication on the market with the combination of the world time function with the alarm function. Two complications that are very useful for travelers, since one allows one to see immediately the world time in either of the 24 time zones, while the other allows one to wake up in time to catch a plane going there!

Calibers and Complications

The Edouard Koehn chronometer-quality chronograph (4Hz) caliber is entirely produced in La Chaux-de- Fonds since it was designed in collaboration with Concepto Manufacture. It is a 245- component, self- winding, single-pusher chronograph movement with an inverted escapement visible on the dial side, equipped with a ceramic ball-bearing oscillating weight that ensures a fine 48-hour power reserve.

"Made for Tiffany by Edouard Koehn", an inscription on the back of a Patek Philippe & Co gold watch case

Return to North America

Nearly 120 Years after Edouard Koehn’s multiple trips to North America for the development of Patek Philippe & Co. and subsequently the presentation of his own brand to American clients, the management of Edouard Koehn Manufacture is pleased to appoint Totally Worth It as its sole distributor in the US and Canada.

The distribution philosophy of Totally Worth It and our product approach is well suited. We are artisans in an industry where automation is more and more favored. Totally Worth It also puts forth a human and customized approach to distribution” says Bernard Fleury, CEO of Edouard Koehn. “Alexis is an old friend, I look forward to working with him.”

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