Elka Watch D-Series Essence, pure and absolute

Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

After an exploration of different numeric scripts with the 2023 Diversity Series, Ace Jewelers & Elka Watch return with the D-Series Essence.

A Shaniah Asha Gibson’s selection / @TRP, Public Relations Cabinet
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A timepiece without numbers, creating a feeling of integration and universal understanding. The blue dial attracts you and the metal hands show you the way

This dial of this limited edition is devoid of any markings -save for the Elka wordmark- reducing the concept of a wristwatch to its bare essence whilst emphasizing the clear-cut lines of the case and the dramatic dome of the crystal. The resulting look? The deep blue dial and stainless steel case take center stage for a grand performance that’s equal parts intrinsically tranquil yet hypnotizing at the same time.

Alon Ben Joseph of Ace Jewelers explains: “From the moment I saw Hakim’s vision for the new Elka Watches I fell in love with the case design. The lines and the dome of the glass is so beautiful, that I immediately proposed Hakim to create a collab where we take all printing off the dial besides the logo. Hakim is such a good friend and true watchmaker; a man of deeds & not just words, he did not reply for several weeks and then suddenly sent me a package without prior notice. In that shipment was a prototype for this watch. It was love at first sight. I am not only extremely honoured and proud to be able to be friends with Hakim, but to work with him. I hope the watch collecting community will enjoy our newest watch design as much as they the first series.”

“For Hakim, the absence of any numerals also adds another philosophical dimension to the earlier Diversity series: “With the Diversity Series, we paid homage to different cultures & languages around the globe. But now, we have gone beyond words, beyond languages. A timepiece with no numerals on it, creating a sense of integration and universal comprehension. The blue dial draws you in and the metallic hands show you the way, those two components being all that’s needed for your journey through time. Time doesn’t belong to anyone, and yet, no matter where we come from, we all understand it. This new watch reflects that feeling, a universal comprehension.” Time doesn’t belong to anyone, however, 25 collectors from all over the world will be able to own this new timepiece, thus sharing an idea born between two friends. Two friends who don’t share the same mother tongue and yet found a way.

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