Hegid X Hervet: Celeste collection

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Hegid is pleased to announce its first horological collaboration. For reasons of taste, affinity and proximity, Jérôme Coste, Hegid’s Artistic Director,  has invited his talented friends of Hervet Manufacturier to co-create a collection on the theme of Space-Time. Get ready for the imminent arrival within the Earth’s atmosphere of Celeste, an evolutionary and retro-futuristic timepiece.

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For the first time, Hegid invites the universe to participate in the creation of a unique watch. The intention is to multiply added value by sharing the process with artists coming from other galaxies of expression, but united by the same love for the creation of exceptional pieces, as always crafted of noble materials. This creative alliance has given birth to a living object, a vessel that has aspirations of flights, that can be worn as well as contemplated, that informs as well as dissimulates. Celeste is a mysterious, geometric and uncompromising watch that houses a radial time indicator.

Its artisanal manufacture is essentially French, but it can be worn on the wrists of robots regardless of their origin. Its radar dial reveals hours, minutes and seconds as the hands fly by, driven by an automatic mechanical movement. Day or night, Celeste’s brilliant indexes are easily visible. Its elevated fuselage reveals the screen of this observation instrument through a massive, faceted, brushed, robust octagon. Whether made of gold or steel, adorned with Super-Luminova or diamonds, this watch is made to match inter-galactic explorers’ helmets and gloves in style.

Celeste is a mysterious, geometric and uncompromising watch that houses a radial time indicator.

The quilted strands of its strap evoke the quilted leather seats of spaceships as imagined by the masters of science fiction of the 60s and 70s like Syd Mead and found in many pieces of furniture created by Hervet. Like all Hegid watches, Celeste is composed of three parts and the different modules that compose it (Capsule, Carrure and Strap) can be adapted to the watches of existing collections.

Whether made of gold or steel, adorned with Super-Luminova or diamonds, this watch is made to match inter-galactic explorers' helmets and gloves in style.

“The Art of Space”, Hervet’s motto, sets the tone for the distinctive style of its creations. Hervet Manufacturier was founded by Cédric and Nicolas Hervet, the representatives of the fifth generation of a Norman family of wood craftsmen. The two cousins, accomplices in their clan’s workshops from a very young age, have taken different paths in life around the world before founding Hervet Manufacturier. Recognized by his peers and awarded multiple times for his work, Nicolas has made his name in the wood industry. After graduating from the Ecole Boulle in Paris, Cédric developed his creative vision as Artistic Director of Daft Punk, working with the legendary electronic music duo for the entire duration of their adventure. In 2008, Nicolas designed a desk for his cousin which turned out to be a founding piece, the trigger for their common creative journey. It is from their workshop in Normandy that the craftsmen perpetuate the family tradition and make art furniture with meticulous respect for traditional techniques. In addition to their exemplary know-how, the duo is now solicited by famous Maisons to create new rare objects with  their singular vision.

Portrait Cousins Hervet, Cedric and Nicolas

Celeste is the result of a long-standing friendship between Jérôme Coste and the Hervet cousins. It was in 2003, within the Big Daddy Midget Moto Club, a creative group gathered around a passion for Japanese mini motorcycles (mainly Honda Dax and Monkey) that Jérôme Coste forged links with Cédric Hervet and then with Nicolas Hervet a few years later for the realization of the furniture pieces he designed for his flagship store at Ateliers Ruby, rue Herold in Paris. Following the Ruby Helmets adventure, he supported and advised them on various dimensions of the Hervet Manufacturier project. Four years ago, Jerôme made the connection with the founders of Hegid. This is how, for more than one year, Hegid and Hervet Manufacturier have been living under the same roof in Paris, near the Place Vendôme, at number 8 on the Rue Volney.

More than a cabinet of curiosities, the two brands share a daily routine of a comparable intimate artisanal business, similar creative influences and a common desire to participate in a new dynamic in their sectors. Since 2018, the two teams have learned to appreciate each other’s expertise, and it is for these reasons that, while surprising, this collaboration is organic. Hegid and Hervet Manufacturier responsibly manufacture products that last throughout time, in reasonable quantities. Furniture, just like mechanical watches, are among those objects that are not subject to planned obsolescence. The two companies are also committed to protecting and developing cutting-edge savoir-faire in France, professions that are generally socially and environmentally exemplary.

Hegid Celeste Biface

Hegid’s Celeste collection of watches will be available for pre-order on hegid.com and in stores, including in the common Showroom at 8 rue Volney in Paris later this year. The steel edition will be available in a limited, numbered edition of 99 pieces, along with two versions of numbered pieces, 12 in yellow gold and 12 white gold, each with diamond indexes.

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