Jaquet Droz: Tourbillon Skelet Sapphire

Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

After several years in development and with a million configurations on offer for each collector, the Jaquet Droz Tourbillon Skelet Sapphire takes the Philosophy of the Unique to the very limit.

Une sélection de Shaniah Asha Gibson / @TRP, Public Relations Cabinet
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The Tourbillon Skelet Sapphire embodies both the continuity and irreverence of Jaquet Droz in the twenty-first century. It’s a disruptive piece that has only one goal–to create uniqueness. The Tourbillon Skelet Sapphire is not so much a watch as a creative platform on which each collector can personally create their own, bespoke timepiece.

How so? By customising their hour markers, hours, minutes and seconds rings, hands, and the colour of the strap, movement screws, crown, logo, folding clasp, oscillating weight and engraving–and above all that of the sapphire that at once clads and reveals the timepiece, with three new colours adding to the number of available options: green, blue, and yellow.

In this respect each colour must be assertive enough to add contrast to the Tourbillon Skelet Sapphire, but also translucent enough to let the light shine through and reveal the automatic caliber and 8-day power reserve–one of the largest on the market for a skeleton tourbillon. In addition to this almost infinite choice of combinations, Jaquet Droz offers countless jewel settings: any shade of ruby, sapphire, diamond and emerald can be hand-set on the Tourbillon Skelet Sapphire’s bridges and hour markers.

Assembling a water-resistant, all-sapphire case without a single screw is a huge technical challenge – but it’s a price worth paying to make the movement look as though it’s suspended in mid-air. It’s hand-finished throughout, something previously believed to be impossible. And at the end of the day, each Tourbillon Skelet Sapphire will be unique–just like its collectors.

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