Label Noir goes the way of collabs: personalizing to the highest standards

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The Label Noir signature, which has received worldwide media attention for having rubbed shoulders with the most prestigious complications and brands in the world of watchmaking has resolutely turned its back on customization to set itself up as a reference in the world of collabs.

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On one hand, brand DNA and registered designs, guarantee a proper identity. On the other hand, in terms of chronometry as well as the Art of finishings, a deep respect for the fundamentals of watchmaking adds to the extreme expertise of the contracting network. In the end, Label Noir’s new positioning generates and maintains the unstoppable flow of ultra-limited series, of pieces revisited in creative and collaborative cobranding mode.

Smart luxury, lust for new perspectives

The ultimate luxury wants to be rare, different, and surprising. A bit like a light that goes out, dipping the desirable object in darkness, and that suddenly comes back on to highlight the secret angles, the meaningful details, the evidence of specificities, as well as the desirability concentrates.

Label Noir never starts from scratch. The watchmaker and founder of Label Noir, Emmanuel Curti, remains a maestro of contrast. He and his artist-craftsmen offer the “dark” of their creative impulses to the genius of lighting. Serving the absolute needs of brands that, eager to extend the existence of a key model or an iconic collection, venture into the territory of micro-series. Label Noir then increases the number of new insights. An “out of the box” approach, an external perspective… We call it “collabs”, and luckily, it’s quite trendy.

Disruptive and unconventional luxury

At first, in 2011, due to its belonging to the hushed and discreet world of watchmaking contracting, Label Noir was already cultivating its mutual admiration and immersion in other identity territories. While following traditional noble paths, while mastering the age-old nobility of watchmaking, this brand has made disruptiveness its trademark and new coating techniques its credo: the desire for destructuring and the audacity of creative exploration. And always with a touch of rebellion, a zest of off-neatness, beyond the digested conventions.

The Label Noir brand, emblematic of the longing to be different, leaves the path of the well-trodden path to follow a sideway, to encourage truancy. After satisfying the crazy desires of individuals thirsty for existence through insolent attacks on untouchable myths, Label Noir decides in 2023 to resist the impulses of those who impunity tackle brand DNA’s integrity.

Agreed co-creations

The Geneva-based studio now practices its plural arts along a new focus: unbridled creativity serving an approved co-branding, made of exchanges and conversations with consenting brands. Brands whose character consistency and iconic treasures are just waiting to be enhanced, to radiate even more. With its established ability to satisfy the most improbable desires and fantasies, Label Noir, as a pioneer label, anticipates and embodies the increasingly popular phenomenon of collabs: personalization for micro-series, collections that have been adapted and reimagined.

Let’s make way for the blending of worlds, for exclusive editions, for limited and numbered versions! Let’s make way for reinvigorated, transcended models and lines.

Smart luxury, Label Noir takes over the world of collabs

First milestones, established brands, and models, already mythical limited series. Renowned for its expertise in advanced technical coatings, and recognized for its great skill in using and sublimating historic watchmaking calibers or Manufacture, the Label Noir brand is expanding its collabs. Among his latest co-creations, is a tourbillon triptych featuring three independent brands, Cvstos, Corum, and Schwarz Etienne. Or a “popeye” spirit that comes to life on the playful dial of a Reservoir timepiece, a hypnotic encounter with the Turbine Evo Soldat model by Perrelet 1777. There are also achievements for L’Epée and Armin Strom, the streamlined version of the famous Louis Erard Regulator as well as the shock of colors impacting the emblematic Re-Volt by Rebellion.

Several other projects are underway and the number of brands looking for new cobranded ventures is booming. Get ready for your diaries!

Label Noir, ethical personalization, good reputation

The ultimate luxury brand Label Noir is a signature fully devoted to personalization. Founded in 2011 and headed by watchmaker Emmanuel Curti, this ‘love brand’ preaches respect for origins and methods, the most absolute ethics in materials and techniques. Originally dedicated to the requests of private individuals in love with the transformation of watches and customizations sometimes generating world firsts, the creative workshop resolutely turns from March 2023 to the trendy phenomenon of collabs. It relies on unmistakable expertise in chronometry and in the field of coating science. Its entrepreneurial roots lie in the specialized expertise of the excellence in watchmaking co-contracting: finishings, coatings, cases and bracelets deconstruction, dials and hands redesign, and aesthetic surgery on watch caliber.

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