Maurice Lacroix: Aikon King of the court special edition

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In 2021, Maurice Lacroix became the Official Timekeeper of the innovative King of the Court (KOTC) where elite athletes compete in volleyball tournaments held in different cities around the globe. Now, the Jura-based watch brand has created a special edition of its highly popular Aikon model, designed for competitive individuals who crave success in their chosen arena.

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A ticking timebomb to win the crown

Walking to the court, the competitors experience a blend of nerves and excitement. The adrenaline ‘kicks in’ while the noise of the court builds to a crescendo. On entering the sporting arena, they are enveloped in an atmosphere of cheers and music. Standing on the sand, the competitors ‘eye’ their opponents. A battle for the king side and the clock’s ticking. Victory is the absolute goal. Welcome to King of the Court (KOTC), a series of Beach Volleyball tournaments, held in different cities around the globe.

Beach volleyball athletes with the Aikon King of the court on their wrist.

The perfect companion on you road to success

In July 2021, Maurice Lacroix announced it was the Official Timekeeper of the King of the Court (KOTC). Now, building on its relationship with KOTC, the Swiss brand has produced a special edition Aikon watch, an ideal companion for individuals seeking their own route to success.

The Aikon King of the Court Special Edition is housed in titanium, a lightweight material that is not susceptible to corrosion or sensitive to magnetic fields. In addition, it’s hypoallergenic. The model is presented in black, white and golden yellow, inspired by the corporate colours of KOTC. Measuring 42mm in diameter this sports watch delivers much wrist presence..

Consistent with all Maurice Lacroix watches, this special edition delivers a notable degree of precision. Its luminescent hour and minute hands prove very legible even in dim light conditions, while the chronograph accurately measures elapsed periods of time. A date display completes the inventory of functions. The watch comes supplied on a tricoloured FKM rubber strap. This premium grade of rubber is superior to conventional rubber straps. In fact, it is more flexible, aiding wearer comfort and provides superior wear resistance. Lastly, FKM rubber is less prone to fading, retaining its showroom-fresh appearance for longer. The model is also endowed with the Easy Strap Exchange system, allowing the wearer to swap the strap for an alternative without the need for tools.

To the rear of the watch, the case back is engraved with the King of the Court logo, the mark of a true competitor. Indeed, whichever arena you find yourself competing within, the AIKON King of the Court Special Edition is the perfect companion.

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