Reservoir Watch: New GT Tour Racing and GT Tour Spring Lap watches

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The new GT Tour Racing pays tribute to the codes and the world of contemporary motor racing sport, whose associated advanced technologies are constantly evolving.

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New Reservoir GT Tour Racing: a racing car speedometer on your wrist!

The new, resolutely modern, version is inspired by the materials used in the world’s most powerful and durable racing cars–including Formula 1 cars–for which carbon is an essential material to achieve exceptional performances. The GT Tour Racing features a unique dial made entirely of woven carbon fiber, a design that gives the watch a strong and assertive sporty look.

New Reservoir GT Tour Spring Lap: take the wheel on a sunny circuit!

The GT Tour collection adopts the codes of the ‘Classic’ car race. The new colored extension GT Tour Spring lap features a matte black dial and a green minute hand. Worn with an automobile leather-style perforated black strap, the timepiece evokes the first sunny car races on circuits, where the sunbeams bathe the smoking track in light. The contrast between green and black dials reflects the racing car meters, offering maximum legibility.

The Reservoir GT Tour collection: a tribute to the golden age of the car race.

1960-1990: it was during these years that so many legendary car races took place, forging the very essence of GT Tour timepieces. As the race is about to start, the driver glances at the R.P.M. counter… the mind is firing on all cylinders as the racing cars growl throatily and the powerful odors of oil and fuel saturate the air. All of a sudden, the rubber tires grip the asphalt urgently, and the driver gets a taste of the thrill of high speed, and of being the first to cross the finishing line. It is when the driver is totally focused on his task that he can, at the very core of his being, dream of victory and adventure. His senses are on high alert, as intense as the headlights piercing the darkness of the night… The GT Tour incarnates these values of precision, high performance, and determination.

The new RSV-240 caliber

The audacity of Reservoir combined with the know-how of Telos, the Swiss engine manufacturer

To design the new RSV-240 watch caliber, Reservoir is continuing its original association with Telos, the Swiss motor manufacturer specializing in the tailormade manufacture of high-end mechanical movements.

Since its creation, the association with Telos has been a strategic partnership for the Franco-Swiss watchmaker Reservoir, nourished by human affinity, technical challenges, and the challenge of manufacturing larger series. Over the past decade, the engine manufacturer Telos boasts remarkable watchmaking achievements in the world of Swiss fine watchmaking. This structure combines the skills of its teams with the proximity of high-tech Swiss suppliers. Since its creation in 2017, all Reservoir collections have been equipped with a bespoke 124-piece module, designed by Telos and called P068, which drives the three watchmaking complications (retrograde minute, jumping hour, and 37-hour power reserve), mounted on a  Swiss automatic movement.

In 2022, this association continues to give birth to the new Reservoir RSV-240 caliber, whose revisited P168 module has been specially developed to measure, still animating the three horological complications (retrograde minute, jumping hour, and power reserve) but benefiting from several optimizations. This module is now coupled to a manufacturing movement (LJP-G100 base) and has an increased power reserve of 56 hours. From a horological point of view, the new P168 module required in-depth consideration for its development, its mass production, and its reliability.

The Reservoir collections bear witness to unique watchmaking know-how by satisfying the strictest professional requirements. It is in Switzerland, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, that the Telos master watchmakers develop the RSV-240 caliber, and in Neufchâtel where they are assembled. All their art is revealed in the precision of the measurements, the rigor of the controls, and the attention paid to each stage of work, regardless of the mechanical complexity of the watch.

About Reservoir watch

Unique design inspired by mechanical measuring instruments, Reservoir watches redefine boldness. The Swiss Made movement offers a radical way to read the time–retrograde minute, jumping hour, and power reserve. It transforms time into a precious resource, a faithful ally of adventure. Every 60 minutes, the single hand retrogrades and activates the next moment with the same intensity. To make every hour count. Fail or prevail but Make It Bold.

Reservoir watches reflect the functionality and aesthetic appeal of counters or gauges primarily from cars, aeronautics, and marine. An era in which precision instruments were at the service of mankind when the adrenaline coursed through the driver’s or pilot’s veins as he embarked upon voyages that demanded courage and high performance.

Twelve collections build the Reservoir assortment through four universes and one separate range: GT Tour, Supercharged, Longbridge, Battlefield, Kanister (Cars), Airfight (Aeronautic), Tiefenmesser, Hydrosphere (Marine), Sonomaster (Music), and Comics by Reservoir (Blake & Mortimer, Popeye). All models are equipped with a bespoke and patented horological module associated with a manufacture movement, assembled at La-ChauxDe-Fonds in Switzerland by a renowned watchmaker (calibers RSV-240 or RSV Bi120).

The collections are distributed globally among 20+ countries, including the United States, Japan, Europe, and the Middle East, online, and through a network of 80+ luxury retailers, the core range is priced at 4’000 euros. Established in 2017, Reservoir is presenting its novelties annually at international watch fairs (e.g. Time To Watches / Baselworld (Switzerland), Couture (USA), SIAR (Mexico),…) receiving outstanding reviews from the world media.

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