Showcase, emotion that bridges the gap

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Appeared in the section ‘Echoes from the Factories’ in the JSH: Teleportation and holographic receptors, it’s for tomorrow! In meanwhile, boosted by the confinement torments, never presentation tool will have so shortened distances.

By Joël A. Grandjean JSH® Magazine & Swiss Watch Passport Editor in Chief
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Shortened distances between the touch point and the final customer, between colleagues all over the world or in neighboring workshops.

Showcase was conceived by Denis Hayoun (dr) and Fabrice Rabhi, two maestros of HR images and sophisticated shots. Denis is a renowned photographer, the spirit of Studio Diode, and Fabrice is an accomplished computer animation artist and co-founder of the agency Le Truc. As for their creation, it’s a workbench furniture that makes the responsive screens sweat with emotion.

The Showcase lighting and resolution are optimal, the ergonomics at its best, the specifically developed on-board evolutionary high-tech is simply stunning. This does not prevent this approved transceiver from receiving the current frequencies, Teams, Zoom, WeChat or other messaging systems such as WhatsApp.

Optionally covered with Vaudaux signature leather, the ultimate luxury, this machine reproduces the sound, the image and the most improbable macros in their most subtle details. It transcends the product as never before. At the other end, quite tactile and intuitive, some visual palpations resulting from sharing handlings.

Showcase creators, Denis Hayoun (dr), from the photo studio "Diode" and Fabrice Rabhi, founder of Le Truc agency
Showcase restitutes the sound, the image and the most incredible macros in their most subtle details

The piece, a timepiece or a piece of jewelry, gets told, detailed, dissected, explained, captures the interactive impulses as much as the attention. It is experienced as a new experiment, born of a time when primary deprivations, diverted from their castrating effects, have managed to give birth to the most promising experiential advances.

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