Tec-Group, independence, Swiss Made and creative audacity

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Eleven companies, certainly others in the future or in the process of being taken over, financial independence and that verticality which makes it possible to offer an industrial watchmaking journey, including the manufacture of machines, from the decorated manufactured component, through electroplating, to the assembly of the movement.

By Joël A. Grandjean / JSH® Magazine & Swiss Watch Passport Publisher & Editor in Chief
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A fascinating journey, in the vicinity of the mythical Vallée de Joux and its legendary know-how in terms of mother complications, a magical journey also punctuated by fruitful encounters with the handmade in all its authenticity.

Arnaud Faivre is one of those ‘dynamic’ people whose entrepreneurial stance and lively decision-making sometimes resemble his driving: a safe, high-performance vehicle, careful but energetic driving, sacred respect for the rules – in this case we are talking about the Swiss Label -, ingenuity and above all respect for human life, in all its talented surprises, multi-skills and sometimes atypical profiles.

Therefore, around this rather rock’n’roll boss, there are always people, on the fringes of the rows of CNCs and high-tech machines that give rhythm to the industrial dimension of this galaxy of companies (Tec Ebauches is already more than 10 years old), who, in a stimulating situation, can finally bring out the genius that lies dormant in them. Like that crazy prototypist, the creator Charles Grosbety, at the time when Arnaud Faivre founded the Manufacture Royale brand and gave it a cathedral case…

Like master watchmaker Eric Coudray, awarded the Gaia Prize in 2012 in the “Artisanat Création” category, considered by his peers to be as brilliant as his look is improbable. A warm, innovative person, adored by the world’s collectors. With him was born the Spherion (see the cover of this issue). And perhaps also other future exceptional advances, of the kind that push back the already well-explored frontiers of pure world chronometry.

Tec Group, in brief

Tec Ebauches: (Over 10 years), Manufacture of Components and Development of Movements | Missimi Berney, Manufacture of special watchmaking machines | Watch Deco, Watch decoration & Precision Mechanics | Prodecor, Watch decoration | Décobar Swiss, Watch decoration & Precision Mechanics | LD Roulage, Watchmaking Rolling | Tec Arts HD, European leader in Water Transfer Printing | Helvetica Horlogerie, Watch and jewelry retail in the Vallée de Joux | Rita & Zia, jewelry brand.

Arnaud Faivre, founder of Tec Ebauches and Tec Group: Swiss Label, ingenuity, more than 10 years of rock'n roll management... | Photo ©Jerome-Saillard
The genius watchmaker Eric Coudray, Gaïa Prize 2012, inventor of the Gyrotourbillon, the Sphérillon and... To be continued. | Photo ©Jerome-Saillard

View the Tec Group cover of the Swiss watchmaking magazine JSH® (June 2021 issue), read the article dedicated to Eric Coudray, genius watchmaker and to the news of this group whose headquarters are in Vallorbes.

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