The iconic SwissKubiK winder

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A customizable design icon, the Swiss made SwissKubiK cube watch winder is full of silent and programmable technology. It enables automatic watches to live longer…

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SwissKubiK, keeping watches in motion! These highly desirable cubes has come to the 2022 watchmaking scene with new colors, like this trendy ‘Tiffany’ turquoise

SwissKubiK, a 16-year expertise "The most qualitative rotating winder on the market"

This stylish cube is quite an institution. It first appeared more than 15 years ago, and was immediately approved by the most prestigious watchmaking brands, both for its uncluttered aesthetic and for its reliable technology. SwissKubiK is constantly attracting collectors and watchmaking brands of excellence. Also the true amateurs of interior design who use it, alone or in several, as the ultimate construction and decoration of their homes.

SwissKubiK, a hightech package manufactured in Switzerland

It puts all of us into agreement, first of all with its sharp-edged square aesthetic, its pure design symmetry. Then, because it is powered by a specific Swiss made electric engine, protected from any magnetic nuisance, absolutely silent and reliable. A micro-motor driven by a smart card that requires very little energy, since the autonomy, when not of solar source, is of at least three years, from two simple batteries. Finally, it can be easily programmed and monitored from a cell phone via an intelligent Bluetooth or from a Mac or a PC with an USB plug.

When a mechanical watch is endowed with a rotor (oscillating mass) which, thanks to its owner’s movements, is self-powered, it deserves to remain always in motion. It is essential for the lubricants to last, for its micromechanical health, for its durability and reliability. It is a matter of saving on maintenance.

«Les montres ont une âme, il est vital d’en prendre soin»

Overall, and despite the many improvements in the quality of oils and materials, the problem of lubricating mechanical calibers has been a source of creativity and ingenuity for watchmakers for over 200 years. The SwissKubiK watch winder keeps an automatic watch, or even a perpetual calendar watch for the most experienced, on the move without ever having to be constantly activated. By alternating life cycles and rest cycles, it helps to increase the watch’s life span and reliability by providing a kind of continuous “maintenance service”. Programmable, manageable from a cell phone or a computer.

Multiple versions, universal or personal messages

Mechanical watches with automatic winding are everywhere. On your desks, in your drawers, in the dressers of your friends and family, sometimes even in your bank’s safe deposit boxes. The SwissKubiK, beyond its usefulness in terms of the care given to a time- piece, is suitable for all types of decorations. Its symmetry, its faces directly inspired by the universal standards of purity, offer themselves to chameleonic approaches as well as to advanced customizations. And why not to one or more personal messages as an ultimate attention in these times when luxury sins by excess of uniqueness.

Exclusive supplier of Swiss luxury watch brands: Rolex, Omega, TAG Heuer, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Hublot, Vacheron Constantin and many others!
Bluetooth programming for all Masterbox models, without any magnetic nuisance, wide range of colors, materials and size options, ultra noiseless engine, 3 years battery life and warranty

SwissKubiK, Swiss made

Created in Geneva in 2007, acquired in 2017: Xavier Castelli, Elix Holding SA
Manufacturing location: Manufacture de Givisier, in Switzerland
Management: Eric Caudrelier-Benac and Louis Castelli
Ethical materials, traceability
Power supply: Swiss-made mini-engine, electronics: a smart chip card
Swiss made products, design watchwinders, two collections, multiple colors
Historical Customer: Rolex, collector model in green leather
Market: over 50 countries with 400 retailers
Annual number of pieces manufactured, in growth: 18’000
On demand customizations, thanks to a printing system on all types of materials.

SwissKubiK and Scatola del Tempo
common destinies

Thanks to the shared ownership, these two brands have left the territory of competition to become, together, complementary. The one brand’s identity enhances the other’s. Rarely has entrepreneurial coherence allowed such a specialized sector to have such a complete offer. On the one hand, the original Italian aesthetic, style, good taste and art of living, on the other, design and purity, the essential, Swiss made. And always, this superior excellence in tune with the precious timepieces.

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