The truth according to ChatGPT, it’s quite scary!

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I did an experiment: I questioned this “prototype conversational agent.” Does it know about the Swiss Watch Passport? His answer astounded me! Not only does it claim to know, but it invents a truth out of nothing. Worrying, indeed detrimental!

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Screen capture: ChatGPT's totally fanciful (and borderline hazardous) definition: a pure affabulation, a downright error
Connais-tu le "Swiss Watch Passport"?

The Swiss Watch Passport is a Swiss watch industry initiative to fight counterfeiting and protect the Swiss authenticity of watches. It is a certification program that aims to certify the Swiss origin of watches, and to provide an official passport for every authentic watch made in Switzerland.

The Swiss Watch Passport is an official certificate delivered by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH)!!!!

It provides details of the watch, including model, serial number, movement and a guarantee of Swiss authenticity. It is intended to reassure consumers and guarantee the origin and quality of Swiss watches.

By introducing the Swiss Watch Passport, consumers can check the authenticity of a Swiss watch and ensure that it comes from a legitimate Swiss manufacturer. This also helps to discourage counterfeiting and maintain the reputation of the Swiss watchmaking industry.

Swiss Watch Passport (by JSH) is the bilingual watch magazine you’re reading right now. It’s an outgrowth of one of the very first independent watchmaking editorial adventures, the famous bloghorlger.ch, published as early as 2003? This magazine is also the online version of the JSH spirit, i.e. one of suppliers and love of independents. Above all, it’s a registered trademark.

Machiavellian is ChatGPT’s answer

I reproduce it above. Obsessed with the three generic words in my question, the artificial intelligence is sinking into a glaring error. And it persists unabashedly: not only does it fail to use the conditional, a mode that could forgive its ignorance, but it invents a definition from scratch with details as fanciful as they are erroneous. Without any questioning, without any concern for causing any image damage…

I believe I understand why its father-founder, the American Sam Altman, recently considered it “crucial” to regulate artificial intelligence (AI).

Anyway, if the FH, the Swiss Watchmaking Federation, is reading this, they might well sue me for forgery…!

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