Vicenterra’s AstroLUNA, a 3D invitation to space travel

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From its Jura-made cradle, the AstroLUNA pushes you into the cosmic universe of astronomical complications. In ultra-limited editions, these automatic “terrestrial” GMTs featuring animated micro-astronomical elements, thrill in 3D the galaxy of watchmaking excellence.

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While the first AstroLUNA timepieces are arriving on the wrists of the “early adopters”, Vincent Plomb, founder of the independent brand Vicenterra, is supervising some three dozen horological players in the heart of the Swiss Jura: meticulous, diligent, and delightful, the manufacturing process comes before the rigorous assembly and testing operations conducted by gold-fingered watchmakers.

Vicenterra is a forerunner. With its hand-painted mini-planets, it has revived over the past decade the emergence of 3D motifs in the most prestigious dials of the Swiss watchmaking industry.

The magic of aventurine glass

The AstroLUNA features a dial made of blue aventurine, an historical process of glass embedded with copper flakes that remind us of the shimmering of space.

Available in two different types of grade 5 titanium cases, a “contemporary” 43.5 mm case with characteristic shoulders and a second, more conventional 41.5 mm case called “classical”. Two aesthetic designs with their signature lateral gouges.

Exclusive, limited, and individually numbered series

Each design generates a numbered series limited to 99 pieces. Each of these two versions is also available with a black aventurine dial and a black DLC-treated titanium case: two even more exclusive micro-series called “black aventurine”, each limited to 25 pieces.

Unique modular “terrestrial” complication, reliable and noble caliber

The AstroLUNA is a high-quality automatic Swiss GMT watch from the native Jura watchmaking terroirs. These Swiss-made timepieces are powered by a Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier caliber, the Seed 3000, to which an additional module adds two astronomical complications that are unique to Vicenterra.

This additional module, whose next adjustment is scheduled for 126 years from now, allows the miniature moon to make its revolution every 29.53125 days and the mini globe to rotate on its own every 24 hours. A discreet indicator ending in the tip of a stylized golden sun marks its zenithal position on the earth’s crust. From above, this astral kinetic invites you to travel through time and space.

A new complication by Vicenterra: a modular micromechanical structure adds its additional functions to one of the noblest and lavishly decorated automatic calibers of Swiss made, the Seed 3000 by Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier.

Permanent Day-Night, “Terrestrial” GMT, ultimate finishing touches, poetry

Guiding principle of Vicenterra creations; The earth globe, meticulously hand-painted by the renowned miniaturist painter André Martinez, is the central theme of Vicenterra’s creations. The deep blue of its oceans contrasts with the outline of the continents. “Thanks to the small solid gold sun showing the zenith, as well as the 6 AM & 6 PM sapphire markers, you can locate at a glance the places on earth where it is night, noon, and when it is 6 AM or 6 PM,” explains creator Vincent Plomb. As for the moon, which offers here its dark side, it is covered with miniscule craters painted by the same miniaturistic art. Throughout its regular revolutions, it performs with panache a score of chiaroscuro, poetically pointing out its moon phases.

Adjusting the moon in 126 years

Like two satellites hanging from the underside of the AstroLUNA’s front panel, Earth and Moon are placed in orbit on a blue aventurine glass background that interacts with the starry glitter of the dial. The display floats above the caliber of which we can guess a few details.

Turning the AstroLUNA upside down, the other side of the caliber can be appreciated with its fine workmanship: diamond-cut angles, lamellae, and findings, as well as a variable inertia balance with gold weights, swept bi-directionally by a finely engraved and decorated rotor.

Like a stream of galactic powder, full of sparkles and wonders, the new AstroLUNAs continues to spread their numbered limited series to the entire world

The man beyond the brand, Astroluna

Vicenterra’s creator Vincent Plomb, back from the stars
”I have touched the stars…” Vincent Plomb modestly confesses, about this inexpressible crash that almost took his life. “Back on this Earth that I had seen from above, I decided to conquest it”, adds the watch manufacturer, creator of true artworks that are both poetic and micromechanical. The Vicenterra watch brand is definitely a part of the Swiss independent watchmaking scene.

So, for the past 10 years, the founder of Vicenterra has been winning over the hearts of early watch enthusiasts as well as a growing number of watch lovers around the world, those who hunt down the most unlikely treasures on the watchmaking planet. For from the Swiss Jura, Vincent Plomb, once again a forerunner, has revived the famous pre-sale method that a certain Abraham-Louis Breguet had materialized through a soberly named model “Souscription.”

Independent watchmaking: AstroLUNA, the epitome of collectors’ watches
The ever-growing number of enthusiasts who are joining the Vicenterra venture, full of human touch and terroir flavors, are overwhelmed by the experience of sharing and the unforgettable exchanges. They regularly come to Boncourt to receive their timepieces. They travel from Paris, Marseille, the United States, Eastern Europe, and the whole world. Vincent Plomb, the fervent incarnation of independent watchmaking with high added value, welcomes them to his home workshop where his creativity is nurtured. He passes on to them his character strength forged in the practice of the art of chronometry. He shares with them a confession, a secret, something to make them love his new collection, the AstroLUNA.

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