World premiere: Stiss and Ba111od, caressing the glass and making a wish

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The glass used in the world premiere by Ba1110d on Tourbillon’s troublemaker Chapter 4.1 The Veblen Dilemma, has magical characteristics. Like an oil lamp that, when touched, releases a genie ready to grant your wishes.

By Ollivier Broto, TàG Press +41’s expert contributor for Swiss Watch Passport & JSH Magazine
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Just caress it from a distance of one centimeter with your cell phone, and one or more data will come out. Here is a business card that you just have to record in your phone, and there is a “private” message for the owner of the watch. Finally, some legal information about the authenticity of the piece and the identity of its owner.

Thanks to the pioneering Swiss company STISS (Swiss Technology Inside Smart Sapphire), ID Glass was born. In concrete terms, the technology consists of an NFC tag (contactless communication between two devices in a near field) inserted into the sapphire crystal. Invisible! When the watch is scanned by an Android or iOS, it transmits, via a dynamic url, the messages that its chip had stored.

The ID glass from Stiss in Sion, the coming of the intelligent sapphire crystal in watchmaking

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