From watch straps to the birth of a group

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Appeared in the Swiss watchmaking journal JSH in 2021. Operating in the production of steel wristbands and supplying numerous watch brands, the Promotion group has established its commercial headquarters in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the heart of the watchmaking arc. The business is currently booming.

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The company’s parent company, Promotion Spa, is Italian and was founded in 1978. For over forty years, the company has been producing quality products for a wide range of watch and jewellery brands.

Expanding away from steel

Les associés Pierre Buise et Angelo Rasia lors du Salon EPHJ 2021

To satisfy customer demand for the ‘origin’ of their choice, the company became a group and set up production sites in various countries. Today, the group employs more than 130 people in Europe and is widely recognised in the watchmaking world for its ability to meet any demand for wristbands, whether in steel, titanium, ceramic, gold or any other precious metal.

The range of products available has expanded as demand has evolved: use of special steels, interchangeability systems, laser welding, comfort devices, special locks, etc. “The Promotion Group prides itself on offering the most appropriate technology for every requirement. Our production facilities and our technological capabilities enable us to respond to any specific request,” say Pierre Buise and Angelo Rasia, the two partners we met at EPHJ 2021.

Promotion Bracelets SA: implantée à La Chaux-de-Fonds, en Suisse, la structure soutient les autres entités et centralise les services commerciaux, administratifs, IT, le développement de produits et la communication

Continual improvement

The Promotion Group often manufactures its own production tools, which are ever more efficient and specific, to produce sophisticated products using innovative materials. The quality, levels of precision and materials used by our customers are increasingly demanding. That’s why our company can offer cutting-edge solutions thanks to its R&D department, which works with its own laboratory as well as with external partners,” add the two partners. “As a result, we are able to conduct research into the most appropriate materials and the most modern processes. This means we can face up to the challenges of miniaturising components, their particular geometries and the required terminations. A simple idea becomes a unique creation, a high-quality piece for an increasingly discerning clientele”.

Promotion Spa, the beginnings of the company's venture: the Group's headquarters, based in Vicenza, Italy. Over 40 years in the business of high-quality components for watches
Beauregard Manufacture SA: La Chaux-de-Fonds
Beauregard Sàrl: Located in Couteuges in Auvergne, France, this production facility is specialised in the assembling, finishing and laser welding of wristbands. It has recently acquired machines for the production of components, and is the innovation hub and launch pad for cutting-edge production processes

Art and craftsmanship, customer focus

In the current world, in which production techniques, management systems and technology in general are undergoing rapid change, the Promotion Group is adopting solutions from industrial sectors other than watchmaking in order to meet today’s challenges. Thanks to its know-how and constant evolution, it uses the most appropriate and innovative technology to satisfy customers by delivering technologically advanced products.

Angelo Rasia: “The manufacturing teams across our facilities are constantly committed to guaranteeing and delivering impeccable quality”

According to Pierre Buise: “The expertise of our staff is a real advantage. Meticulous, rigorous work performed by people who apply themselves on a daily basis to developing and producing different components according to the customer’s specifications. Each component is designed and manufactured by our professional craftspeople”.

Le polissage
00_JSH-Swiss-Watch-Passport-PROMOTION-SPA-foto polissage

In short, the Promotion Group provides those who place their trust in it, some of whom have done so for several decades, with reliable production at the right lead times. “Customer oriented” is its philosophy: the customer remains at the centre of its efforts.

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