Genevaworld 2023 Watch Passport: Some 180 exhibiting brands!

Temps de lecture : 7 minutes

Suppliers, collectors, distributors and retailers. Here is “GenevaWorld 2023” the independent practical guide to the brands and signatures that will be exhibited in Geneva at the end of March 2023. A dossier of the watch magazine Swiss-Watch-Passport in connection with the Swiss watch journal JSH (since 1876): interactive locations, useful links… 

Joël A. Grandjean, SH Magazine &’s Editor in Chief
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Brands & watchmakers in Geneva, alphabetically

Some watchmakers & brands have a double presence.

| A. Lange & Söhne (Palexpo) | Aaron Becsei (Ice’Bergues) | Adriatica (Head) | Airain (Head) | Alessandro Rigotto (Ice’Bergues) | Alexander Shorokhoff (Head) | Alpina Watches (Palexpo) | Angelus (Palexpo) | Anton Suhanov (Ice’Bergues) | Appella (Head) | Arilus (Head) | Armand Nicolet (Head) | Arnold & Son (Palexpo) | Artime (Beau-Rivage) | ArtyA (Boutique) | ArtyA (Head) | Auguste Reymond (Fairmont)| Azimut (Head) | Ba111od (Head) |Baltic (Beau-Rivage) | Baume & Mercier (Palexpo) | Bausele (Beau-Rivage) | Beaulieu (Head) | Beauregard (Palexpo) | Behrens (Head) | Bell & Ross (Palexpo) | Bergeon (Head) | Berney (Head) | Bernhard Lederer (Ice’Bergues) | Bianchet (Espace Barton) | Bovet 1822 (La Réserve) | Briston Watches (Head) | Bulgari  (Président Wilson) | Byrne (Beau-Rivage) | Carl Suchy & Söhne (Head) | Cartier (Palexpo) | Cédric Johner (Kléberg 25) | Century (Fairmont) | Chanel (Palexpo) | Charles Zuber (Palexpo) | Charriol (Palexpo) | Chopard (Palexpo) | Christian Moriggi (Head) | Chronoswiss (Palexpo) | Claude Meylan (Beau-Rivage) | Claude Meylan (Head) | Cuervo y Sobrinos (Head) | Cvstos (Genthod) | Cyrus Genève (Palexpo) | Czapek & Cie (Palexpo) | Daizoh Makihara (Ice’Bergues) | Darwil (Head) | David Candaux (Ice’Bergues) | David Van Heim (Kléberg 25) | De Bethune (Beau-Rivage) | Depancel (Head) | Doxa (Beau-Rivage) |  Ebel (Beau-Rivage) | Eberhard & Co (La Maison de L’Horlogerie) | Elka Watch (Head) | Etoile (Kléberg 25) | F.P.Journe (Manufacture) | Felix Baumgartner (Ice’Bergues) | Ferdinand Berthoud (Palexpo) | Florian Schlumpf (Ice’Bergues) | Franck Muller (Genthod) | Frederique Constant (Palexpo) | Frederic Jouvenot (Head) | Furlan Marri (Beau-Rivage) | Genus (Fairmont) | Giberg (Maison de L’Horlogerie) |  Grand Seiko (Palexpo) | Greco Genève (Kléberg 25) | Grönefeld (Palexpo) | H992 (Head) | H. Moser & Cie (Bucherer) | Hautlence (Palexpo) | HEAD (Head) | Hegid (Head) | Herbelin (Head) | Hermès (Palexpo) | Hooke & Huygens (Head) | Hublot (Palexpo) | Hysek (Palexpo) | HYT (Beau-Rivage) | Ice-Watch (Head) | Iconeek (Head) | ID Geneve (Head) | Ikepod (Head) | Initium (Head) | IWC Schaffhausen (Palexpo) | Jacob & Co (Four Seasons) | Jaeger-LeCoultre (Palexpo) | John-Mikael Flaux (Ice’Bergues) | Kari Voutilainen (Ice’Bergues) | Kauri (Head) | Konstantin Chaykin (Ice’Bergues) | Kross Studio (24, Croix d’Or) | Label Noir (Head) | Laurent Ferrier (Palexpo) | Lebois & Co (Head) | Le Rhöne Genève (Espace Barton) | Louis Erard (Head) | Louis Moinet (Palexpo) | Ludovic Ballouard (Ice’Bergues) | Machial Hulsman (Ice’Bergues) | Maurice Lacroix (Eastwest) | Marco Lang (Ice’Bergues) | MasterBlock (Head) | Maurice de Mauriac (Head) | Mauron Musy (Beau-Rivage) | Mauron Musy (Head) | MB&F (Gallery) | Miki Eleta (Ice’Bergues) | Milus (Head) | Minase (Head) | Montblanc (Palexpo) | Moya Genève (Kléberg 25) | Nivada (Beau-Rivage) | Oligo (Head) | Ollivier Savéo (Kléberg 25) | Oris (Palexpo) | Panerai (Palexpo) | Parmigiani Fleurier (Palexpo) | Patek Philippe (Palexpo) | Paul Picot (Head) | Pequignet (Palexpo) | Perrelet (Head) | Piaget (Palexpo) | Pierre deRoche (Head) | Pilo & Co Genève (Kléberg 25) | Raul Pages (Ice’Bergues) | Rebellion Timepieces (Palexpo) | ReLuxury (Head) | Reservoir (Head) | Ressence (Palexpo) | Robert Bray (Ice’Bergues) | Rogé Bastide (Head) | Roger Dubuis (Palexpo) | Rolex (Palexpo) | Rudis Sylva (Palexpo) | Scatola del Tempo (Head) | Scheider & Co (Head) | Schwarz Etienne (Espace Barton) | Sebastian Naeschke (Ice’Bergues) | Sebastien Billieres (Ice’Bergues) | Sequent (Head) | Sevenfriday (Bains des Pâquis) | Singer Reimagined (Espace Barton) | Sinn (Head) | Speake-Marin (Palexpo) | Stefan Kudoke (Ice’Bergues) | Svend Andersen (Ice’Bergues) | SwissKubik (Head) | Sye (Head) | Sylvain Pinaud (Ice’Bergues) | TAG Heuer (Palexpo) | The Unnamed Society (Espace Barton) | Trilobe (Palexpo) | Tudor (Palexpo) | U-Boat (Palexpo) | Ulysse Nardin (Palexpo) | Undone  (Beau-Rivage) | Urwerk (Vieille Ville) | Utinam (Head) | Vacheron Constantin (Palexpo) | Van Cleef & Arpels (Palexpo) | Vianney Halter (Ice’Bergues) | Vulcain  (Beau-Rivage) | Wagniere (Head) | Walca (Beau-Rivage) | Watch Certificate (Head) | WireArt (Head) | Wolf (Head) | XRby (Head) | Yema (Head) | Yosuke Sekiguchi (La RéserveZanetti (Head) | Zenith (Palexpo) |

Giberg (Maison de L’Horlogerie) |

Notice to Suppliers

JSH Magazine will be present on the various exhibition venues and at Watch & Wonders on the Watchprint booth (Fabrice Mugnier, right). As in 2022, here held by the great collector Claude Sfeir
Open to the public

Ce contenu apparaîtra au sein d’une popup

In The City (Watches & Wonders)

Time To Watches (09:30 am-8:30 pm)

From Tuesday March 28th to Saturday April 1st (4 days)
Head (Le Cube)
62 brands (46 + 16*)

At the HEAD (Haute Ecole de Design de Genève), the Time to Watches fair confirms its 2nd podium position with more than 60 participants
Pop up event on Saturday

Pop up event du samedi
Samedi 1er avril, parmi les participants

| Arilus | ArtyA | Claude Meylan | Depancel | Ikepod | Kauri | Louis Erard | Mauron Musy | Minase | Sequent | WireArt | XRby |

Voir le programme

ReLuxury Watch Corner brands

Barton 7  (10am-8pm)

From March 27th to April 2nd (7 days), Espace Barton
5 brands

| Singer Reimagined | Schwarz Etienne | Le Rhöne Genève | Bianchet | The Unnamed Society |

WPHH (9am-7pm)

From 27th March to 2nd April (8 days), in Genthod
2 brands

| Franck Muller | Cvstos |

The individuals

32 brands
Various locations

March 27th to 31st (5 days)
Beau-Rivage, Suite 121

ArtyA (11am-6pm)
March 27th to April 2nd (7 days)
ArtyA Boutique

Auguste Reymond (9am-7pm) 
March 28th to April 1st (5 days)
Fairmont Grand Hotel

Baltic (10h-18h)
March 27th to April 1st (6 days)
Beau-Rivage, Salon Impératrice

March 26th-31st (6 days)
Beau-Rivage, Suite 227

Bovet 1822
March 27th to April 2nd (7 days)
La Réserve, Villa du Lac

March 27th to April 2nd (7 days)
Président Wilson, Genève

Byrne (6pm) 
March 26th (1 day)
Beau-Rivage, suite 127

Century (9h-19h)
March 28th to April 1st (5 days)
Fairmont Grand Hotel

Claude Meylan
March 26th to April 1st (7 days)
Beau-Rivage Salon Albertine

De Bethune
March 26th-31st (6 days)
Beau-Rivage, Salon Windsor

Doxa (9am-7:30pm)
March 27th-31st (5 days)
Beau-Rivage, suite 215 (2nd floor)

March 27th to April 2nd (7 days)

Eberhard & Co (10am-6pm)
March 27th to April 1st (6 days)
La Maison de L’Horlogerie

March 27th to 31st (5 days)
Manufacture Montres Journe SA

Furlan Marri (10am-6pm) 
March 27th to April 1st (6 days)

March 27th to 31st (5 days)
Fairmont Grand Hotel, PopUp Boutique

Giberg (8am-8pm) 
March 26th to April 1st (7 days)
La Maison de L’Horlogerie

H. Moser & Cie (10am-6:30pm)
March 27th to April 1st (6 days)

March 27th to April 2nd (7 days)
Beau-Rivage, Sissi Suite

Jacob & Co (9am-7pm)
March 27th to April 2nd (7 days)
Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues, Geneva

Kross Studio
March 27th to April 2nd (7 days)
24, Croix d’Or, Geneva (4th floor)

Maurice Lacroix
March 26th to 31st (6 days)
Eastwest Hôtel, Geneva

Mauron Musy
March 27th to 31st (5 days)
Beau-Rivage, #225 (2nd floor)

March 27th to April 2nd (7 days)
M.A.D Gallery

March 28th to 31st (4 days)
Beau-Rivage, Suite Sissi

Sevenfriday (10am-7pm)
March 25th to 28th (2 days)
Bains des Pâquis, in front of the Fairmont Hotel

March 28th to April 31st (4 days)
Beau-Rivage, Sissi Suite

Urwerk (9am-7pm)
March 27th to April 2nd (7 days)
Old Town, Bourg-de-Four

March 27th to 31st (5 days)

Walca (9am-19:30pm)
March 27th to 31st (5 days)
Beau-Rivage, 215 suite (2nd floor)

Yosuke Sekiguchi Le Locle
March 27th to 31st (5 days)
La Réserve

The Swiss watch journal JSH supports Watch Connect, the famous and exclusive evening event that will take place on March 29th at the Time to Watch Exhibition
Oris presents at the Pont de la Machine, its travelling artwork "Phenomena, The Joy of Mechanics" created by artist Charles Morgan. Exhibition from March 27th to April 1st 2023 (10am-7pm). The brand is also exhibiting at Watches & Wonders
A mythical hotel in Geneva, the one where Empress Sissi breathed her last, the Beau-Rivage Palace provides a breathtaking view of the jet d'eau

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